Air Quality and Fire

Smoke produced by fire is an air quality issue that the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS), Federal Wildland Fire Agencies, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and state Departments of Air Quality are jointly addressing.  A variety of decision management tools has been developed to help assess the projected spatial extent, trajectory, and concentration of smoke associated with wildfire.  These tools are part of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) and are located at:  In addition, the National Weather Service provides a Daily Fire Weather Forecast (during the wildland fire season) that includes weather parameters relevant to the impacts of air quality from smoke.  Some of these parameters include a forecast of mixing height (the layer of air, usually below a stable layer, within which pollutants are mixed by turbulenc
e and diffusion) and transport winds (the rate at which emissions will be transported from o
ne area to another).  Additional parameters may be available upon request in an NWS spot forecast.  Spot forecasts provide site specific forecast information for incidents and special projects.  To learn more, visit