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Visualize Data

Use the tools below to visualize data based on criteria you select (pollutant, location, etc.).

 AQI Plot
Compare AQI values for multiple pollutants for a specific location and time period. This tool displays an entire year of AQI values – two pollutants at a time - and is useful for seeing how the number of unhealthy days can vary throughout the year for each pollutant.

 Tile Plot
Plot daily AQI values for a specific location and time period. Each square or “tile” represents one day of the year and is color-coded based on the AQI level for that day. The legend tallies the number of days in each AQI category.

 Concentration Plot
Make a time series plot for a specific location and time period. This tool displays daily air quality summary statistics for the criteria pollutants by monitor. You can choose to plot all monitors in a city or county, or you can select specific monitors.

 Concentration Map
Make a map of daily concentrations over several days. The daily air quality can be displayed in terms of the Air Quality Index or in concentration ranges for certain PM species like organic carbon, nitrates, and sulfates. This tool may be useful for tracking an air pollution episode like a wildfire event.

 Ozone Exceedances
Compare 8-hour ozone exceedances between two years or multi-year periods for a city or county.

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