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AirData, access to monitored air quality from EPAs Air Quality System Data Mart
Basic Information

AirData gives you access to air quality data collected at outdoor monitors across the United States. Read more

Air Quality IndexAir Quality Index
Display an annual summary of AQI values.
Air Quality Statistics Air Quality Statistics
Display standards-related summary data by city or county.
Monitor ValuesMonitor Values
Display criteria pollutant summary data.
Monitor Values - HAPS Monitor Values - HAPs
Display Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) summary data.
Visualize Data
AQI PlotAQI Plot
Compare AQI values for a location & time.
Tile PlotTile Plot
Plot daily AQI values for a location & time.
Concentration PlotConcentration Plot
Generate a time series plot for a location.
Concentration MapConcentration Map
Generate concentration maps for a specific time.
More ToolsMore Tools
See other visualization tools.

Download Data
Download DataDownload daily or raw data to a spreadsheet or file.
Interactive Map
Use Interactive Map

See where air quality monitors are located, get information about the monitors, and download monitor data. Select which monitoring networks to display.

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