But lately, Lucy Lake and her friends have not been feeling very well.

Frannie Frog notices that her babies are very sick, and she is very hungry because she hasn't been able to find enough insects to eat.

Tommy Trout has been having trouble finding enough food to eat, and for some reason the water in Lucy Lake is making him feel a little sick.

Sammy Spruce has been losing his needles. He has been feeling weak and losing branches during storms.

Wendy Wind has been carrying a lot of strange chemicals, or pollutants, in the air when she travels from west to east. Her air is heavy and dirty and makes her cough.

Raphael Rain has been noticing something different about his raindrops. When he used to rain, it made everyone happy. Now his friends are sick and he doesn't know why.

Lucy Lake has been getting lonelier and lonelier as many of the plants and animals that used to live in and around her are disappearing.

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  The Tale of Lucy Lake


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Lucy Lake Wendy Wind Sammy Spruce Tommy Trout Raphael Rain Frannie Frog Lucy Lake
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