Time passes, and after a while, the forest and lake begin to feel a little better.

Frannie Frog is happy to have lots of food to eat again, so her children can grow up to be big and strong.

Tommy Trout swims around and enjoys the healthier environment. There are plenty of flies to eat now!

Sammy Spruce stretches his branches far and wide. He has new needles that are bright green and healthy. In storms he stands straight and tall.

Wendy Wind brings cleaner air to her friends at Lucy Lake.

Raphael Rain is getting cleaner. He waters the plants and animals with fresh rainwater.

Lucy Lake enjoys seeing new plants and animals living in and around her.

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  The Tale of Lucy Lake


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Lucy Lake Wendy Wind Sammy Spruce Tommy Trout Raphael Rain Frannie Frog Lucy Lake
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