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Regional Planning Organizations - Meetings

EPA annually sponsors meetings of the Regional Planning Organizations' (RPOs') national work groups. Participants are members of work groups within each RPO. The presentations from the national meeting in Dallas on December 3-4, 2002, are available here. Presentations from future meetings will be made available shortly after each meeting.

Discussion Group Reports
Emissions   (25K PPT)   Janssen

Emission Inventory Presentations
Ammonia Co-operation Call   (37K PDF)   Janssen
Community Smoke Emissions Modeling   (3531K PDF)   Doug Fox
Large Scale Emissions Inventory   (1704K PDF)   Mark Hilverda
Overview Midwest RPO Inventory Activities  (309K PDF)   Mark Janssen
Review of ASEM and CMU Ammonia Model   (339K PDF)   Mark Janssen
RPO National Work Group Meeting Presentation Overview   (663K PDF)   Pete Lahm
Soil Dust & Ammonia Call   (931K PDF)   Phil Lorang
WRAP Emission Forum Report   (1452K PDF)   Lee Gribovicz

Joint Modeling and Emissions
Midwest RPO Sector Specific Modeling  (896K PPT)   Kirk Baker
Performance Evaluation of Emissions Models   (442K PPT)   Mark Janssen

Joint Modeling and Monitoring Data Analysis
Modeling & MonitoringData Analysis  (54K PPT)   Daniel
Overview of Navy's System for Global Modeling of Sulfate, Smoke & Dust  (7555K PPT)   Doug Westphal

Modeling Presentations
Brief evaluation of REMSAD and CMAQ for east Texas tracers   (1474K PPT)   Mark Green
CENRAP Modeling   (751K PPT)   Calvin Ku
CMAQ and REMSAD - Model Performance and Ongoing Improvements   (852K PPT)   Brian Timin
MANE-VU Regional Haze Modeling - RPO Update   (809K PPT)   Gary Kleiman
Midwest RPO Modeling   (780K PDF)   Kirk Baker
One-Atmosphere Photochemical Modeling in Southeastern US   (648K PPT)   Brewar

Monitoring and Data Analysis Presentations
18 Class 1 Areas in VISTAS Region   (199K PPT)   Reynolds
Causes of Haze Assessment   (137K PPT)   Mark Green
Data Analysis- Monitoring Session - OAQPS Updates   (2729K PPT)   Neil Frank
IMPROVE Ion Study Plan   (275K PPT)   Marc Pitchford
MANE-VU Activities Before & After   (103K PPT)   John Graham
MANE-VU Northeastern Summer 2002 Data Examples   (3149K PPT)   John Graham
Midwest RPO Data Analysis   (690K PPT)   Donna Kenski
Midwest RPO Nitrate and Organic Speciation Studies   (657K PPT)   Donna Kenski
Overview of the Big Bend Regional Aerosol and Visibility Observational (BRAVO) Study   (1206K PPT)   Green
Overview of the Supersites Program   (9855K PPT)   Rich Scheffe
Regional Haze is a Complex 8-Dimensional Problem   (2499K PPT)   Poirot
Source Apportionment of Air Quality Monitoring Data   (634K PPT)   Paired Aerosol
Sources of PM 2.5 Carbon in the SE U.S.   (472K PPT)   Jansen
The VIEWS Backend Information System   (239K PPT)   McClure
VIEWS - Visibility Information Exchange Web System   (656K PPT)   Schichtel
VOYAGER Data Federation Tools and Services   (7857K PPT)   Husar
Yosemite Smoke Special Study Summer 2002   (92,020K PPT)   Schichtel

Annotated Dallas Agenda for Presentation Identification
Annotated Dallas Agenda for Presentation Identification   (108K PDF)

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