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OAQPS Economic Analysis Resource Document

3.0 Intro

To place EIAs and EAs in context, this section discusses the broader processes by which regulations are developed in EPA and OAQPS. The legal impetus for OAQPS regulations and the analytical requirements for economic analysis are discussed in Section 2. This section gives an overview of the regulatory development process at EPA in general and OAQPS in particular, emphasizing the role of the economic analyses performed by ISEG in this process. The section identifies benchmarks the ISEG analyst must adhere to along the way.

The section begins with an overview of the EPA regulatory process. This discussion is followed by a more detailed discussion of procedures within OAQPS and ISEG.


3 Regulatory

 3.0 Intro

 3.1 EPA Regulatory
   Development Process

 3.2 Economic Analysis in
   Regulatory Development

 3.3 Specific ISEG Tasks    in the Regulatory
   Development Process

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