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OAQPS Economic Analysis Resource Document

2.3 Summary

As outlined above, the statutory and administrative requirements for economic analysis of Agency rules are extensive. Economic analyses of most regulatory actions are required by the CAA and EO 12866. In addition, each regulatory action is potentially subject to a number of impact analyses required by both statutes and EOs. These analyses include an analysis of impacts on State, local, and tribal governments under UMRA and EO 12875; an analysis of impacts on small entities under RFA and SBREFA; an analysis of reporting and recordkeeping requirements under the PRA and 5 CFR 1320; an analysis of the potential impacts of a regulation on the health and safety of children; and an analysis of equity impacts, particularly impacts on low-income and minority populations, under EO 12898.  

2 Regulatory

 2.0 Intro

 2.1 OAQPS's Regulatory

 2.2 Statutory and Admin-
   istrative Requirements
   for Economic Analysis
   of Regulations

 2.3 Summary

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