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Technology Transfer Network - OAR Policy and Guidance

Memoranda for Hazardous Air Pollutants (Title I, Section 112) Policy & Guidance Memos

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File Types

Clean Condensate Alternative: Pulp and Paper National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (40 CFR 63, subpart S): Policy and Guidance Memo 6-17-04 PDF file
Guidance on the Major Source Determination for Certain Hazardous Air Pollutants 11-17-00 PDF file
Guidance on the Major Source Determination for Certain Hazardous Air Pollutants 9-18-00 PDF file
MACT/Title V and Title I/Title V Interface Issues 5-26-99 PDF file
Delegation of 40 CFR Part 63 General Provisions Authorities to State and Local Air Pollution Control Agencies 8-13-98 txt file
Second Extension of January 25,1995 Potential to Emit Transition Policy and Clarification of Interim Policy 7-21-98 PDF file
Presumptive MACT for Organic Liquids Distribution 6-24-98 PDF file
Potential to Emit (PTE) Guidance for Specific Source Categories 4-22-98 PDF file
Part 1
PDF file
Part 2
Meeting minutes - Miscellaneous Organic Neshap - 12/09/97 - Preliminary MACT Floors 2-6-98 zip file
Clarification of the definition of Organic Solvents in the Wood Furniture NESHAP 1-8-98 PDF file
Memo Re: Gasoline Distrubution MACT - Synthetic Minor Permit Status 1-5-98 PDF file
Subpart O - Ethylene Oxide Commerical Sterilization Plant 7-31-97 PDF file
Instructions for CAA 112(r) RMP Data Elements 4-1-97 PDF file
CAA 112(r) Offsite Consequence Analysis 4-1-97 zip file
CAA 112(r) RMP Data Elements 4-1-97 PDF file
Draft RMP for Ammonia Refrig. Facility (PDF) 3-27-97 PDF file
Emission Inventory for MSWLF State Plans 2-4-97 PDF file
Presumptive MACT for AMF Production (WP6) 2-4-97 zip file
Misc. Org. NESHAP;MACT Floor for Process Vents; Existing 2-11-97 PDF file
P-MACT Memo for Boat Manufacturing NESHAP 1-21-97 PDF file
Notification Guidance on Gas. Distr. MACT 12-3-96 PDF file
Summary of Reqs for Sec 111d/129 State Plans for Implementing MWC Guidelines 10-28-96 zip file
Perc Dry Cleaning: Azeotropic Controls 10-16-96 PDF file
PCE Dry Clean NESHAP - Episodic Guidance 6-13-96 PDF file
Acetal Resins Presumptive MACT WP6 6-17-96 PDF file
Questions & Answers 40 CFR Part 63 subpart H 4-25-96 PDF file
P-MACT for Amino and Phenolic Resins 4-23-96 PDF file
P-MACT Polyether Polyols Production 3-28-96 PDF file
Polycarbonate Production Pre-MACT guidance **NOTE**: This is a WP6 file!! 1-29-96 PDF file
112(j) Permit Application Deadline Memo 1-23-96 PDF file
Memo on AEROSPACE NESHAP Initial Notification 1-9-96 PDF file
PreMACT Std PULP & PAPER (MACT III) MILLS 10-10-95 zip file
Verifies testing to confirm accuracy of GLYCalc Model (4/13/95) 7-11-95 zip file
NESHAP Potential to Emit-Guidance & Timing 5-18-95 PDF file
112(g) Interpretive Notice 2-9-95 PDF file
Guidance for Implementation of Sec 9-28-94 PDF file
Relationship between Part 70 & Sec 112(r) 9-28-94 PDF file
Policy Memo on Fugitive Emissions 4-25-94 PDF file
High Risk Point Source Review Guidance 3-22-94 PDF file
Delegations Issues/Sec. 111&112 & Title 12-20-93 zip file
Definition of "Regulated Air Pollutant" 5-6-93 PDF file
Prog. Approval Criteria for Sec. 112 5-6-93 PDF file
Benzene NESHAP--Waiv. Guid. Doc. 3-31-93 zip file
Draft NESHAP model permits for 5 categ. 8-27-92 zip file

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