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This list of abstracts, documents, etc. are presented by the Atmospheric Research and Exposure Assessment Laboratory (AREAL) of EPA's Office of Research and Development. Additional documents may be found in the TTN in the CHIEF, AMTIC, and SCRAM Websites.

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Analysis of Protocol Gases (April 1998) (On-Going Quality Assurance Audit) 4-28-98
Analysis of Protocol Gases (March 1995) 3-29-95
Analysis of Protocol Gases (November 1995) 3-12-96
Protocol Guidance for SRM & NTRM Certified by NTIS 8-8-96
Evaluation of VOST and SemiVost Methods 4-28-92
Audit Procedures for Opacity Monitors 5-15-92
QA Planning for Stationary Source Sampling 5-19-92
Stability of Air Toxic Gases Listed in CAAA 5-20-92
Stationary Source Sampling & Anal. Directory 6-16-92
Air Emissions Testing 12-7-93
Evaluation of EPA Methods 3A, 6C, 7E 12-7-93
VOST - Soot Interference Report 12-7-93
HCl Formed During Waste HCl Incineration 12-7-93
Analysis of Nonmethane VOCs from Stat Srcs 12-7-93
Evaluation of POHC and PIC Screening Methods 12-7-93
Comparison of Transfer of Surface Chlorpyrifo 12-7-93
Characterization of Post-Abatement Dust 12-7-93
Receptor Model of Hydrocarbon in Ozone Study 12-7-93
Analysis of VOC's Using on_line Micro-trap 12-7-93
Lab Validation of VOST and Semi-Vost Methods 12-7-93
Field Test of Generic Method for Hydrocarbons 12-7-93
Evaluation of VOST and Semi-Vost Methods 12-7-93
Dev of Method for VOCs fm Stationary Sources 12-7-93
Using Meth 301 to Validate Methods for CAAA 12-7-93
Test Method for Gaseous Methanol Emissions 12-7-93
Methods for Stack Emissions of Metals 12-7-93
Method for Asbestos in Building Materials 12-7-93
Test Method for 2,4-Touene Diisocyanate 12-7-93
Replacement of Charcoal in VOST 6-28-94
Field Test & Valida. of a Source Test Method 6-28-94
Field Test of Halogenated Hydrocarbons 6-28-94
Theoretical Evaluation of Stability of VOCs 6-28-94
Method 5 (Method 0010) Sampling Train 6-28-94
Field Tests of Chloroform Collect/Analy. Meth 6-28-94
Comparison of a Mod. VOST Sampling Method to 6-28-94
Test Meth. for Meas. of Methanol Emissions 6-28-94
Eval. of Gas Chromatography Detection Systems 10-20-94
Field Evaluation of VOST Sampling Method 10-20-94
Improvements of SW-846 Method 0010 Samples 10-20-94
Sampling Aids for Stationary Source Personnel 10-20-94
Field Test Method for Halogenated Hydrocarbon 10-20-94
Sampling of VOCs From Combustion Sources 10-27-94
Method for Sampling & Analysis of Isocyanates 11-1-95
SOP for Method Eval Materials for Lead inDust 3-1-96
SOP for Prepar. of Meth. Eval.Lead in Paint 3-1-96
Appl. of VOST & SemiVOST to Non.CAAA Compound 3-1-96
Determ. of Total Organic Emiss. frm Haz Waste 3-1-96
An Evalu. of SemiVOST Meth for Halog. Compoun 3-1-96
Analysis of Mod. Meth. 5 Train Sampl.Mu. Poll 3-1-96
Guidance for Total Organics 3-7-96
Field Validation of DNPH Method for Aldehydes 6-18-96
VOST Charcoal Specification Study 6-18-96
Stack Sampling Methods for Halogens & H.Acids 6-18-96
Total Organ. Guid. for Station. Source Emissi 1-23-97
Imaging Mass Spectrom. Polynu. Aromat. Hydroc 1-23-97
Evalu. of CAAA Compounds: Stat. Source Method 1-23-97
Compar. of Methods to Determine Floors Residu 1-23-97
Method Evaluation Study: Applica. of VOST to 1-23-97
SemiVOST Test at a Chemical Mfg. Facility 1-23-97
Dynamic Spiking Studies Using the DNPH Sampli 1-23-97

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