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Method 5B - PM Nonsulfuric Acid (Particulate Matter)

Text of Test Method 5B - PM Nonsulfuric Acid (Particulate Matter) PDF file
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In Method 5B, Section 2.0, "Summary of Method," states that the collected sample is oven dried at 320F for 6 hours prior to gravimetric anaylsis. However, in Section 11.0, "Analytical Procedure," it does not expressly replace the requirement of Method 5, Section 11.2.1, "Container No. 1," to dessicate the filter for 24 hours or alternatively to oven dry at 220F and weigh to a constant before proceeding to the replaced procedure to handle "Container No. 2" the probe rinse which in turn states to dry the filter with the probe rinse. Does this mean the filter is to be weighed twice for particulate matter gain or does the procedure require an ammendment?

This is a mistake in the method that occurred when all of the methods were updated in 2000. The original method read that both the filter and the probe rinse should be dried at ambient temperature and then oven dried at 320F for 6 hours prior to desiccating and weighing. We will correct this in the next package of method revisions. In the meantime, the intent of the method is that both sample fractions (filter and probe wash) should be treated as described under Container No. 2 in Section 11.1.

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