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EMC 2010 Workshop Presentation Materials

From the listing below, find the file you would like to download. The available file formats are represented by icons on the right side of the listing. Click on the icon that represents the file format you wish to receive. For an explanation of file formats and their icons, see our TTNWeb File Types.

File Description

Posting Date

File Types

Control Chart Methodology for Evaluating CEMS Data by Louis Nichols 12/2010
Real Time Multi-Metals CEMS by Dan Bivins 12/2010
Differential Absorption Light Detection by Cary Secrest 12/2010
Mercury CEMS Update by Jeff Ryan 12/2010
Mercury Methods Update by Bill Grimley 12/2010
Optical Remote Sensing Handbook by Dennis Mikel 12/2010
Method 9 Alternative by Bill Gillespie 12/2010
Alternative Method Approvals by Robin Segall 12/2010
Testing and Monitoring Program by Georgia EPD 12/2010
Wet Stack Fine Particulate Method by Bivins and DeWees 12/2010
Methods Updates and Revisions by Foston Curtis 12/2010
Fine Particulate Matter Method by Ron Myers 12/2010
Electronic Reporting Tool by Ron Myers 12/2010
Stack Testing Observation by DeWees and Ballay 12/2010
TNI Audit Program by Stan Tong 12/2010
Audit Program Restructuring by Candace Sorrell 12/2010
FTIR Spectroscopy and Method 320 by Jeff LaCosse (email: jlacosse@frontier.net) 12/2010
ICR Program by Peter Westlin 12/2010
Accreditation and Certification Program by Peter Westlin 12/2010

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