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TTN/Economics & Cost Analysis Support
OAQPS Economic Analysis Resource Document

2.0 Intro

    Several statutes and EOs are fundamental to the various forms of economic analysis performed in ISEG.  This section describes the statutory authority under which all air quality regulations and standards are implemented by OAQPS:  the Clean Air Act (CAA).  It discusses the analytical requirements for economic analysis under the CAA, reviews the broader requirements for economic analysis of significant regulatory actions under EO 12866, and discusses several relatively new (as of mid-1998) statutes and EOs designed to supplement traditional EAs with what is broadly defined as “impact analysis.”

2 Regulatory

 2.0 Intro

 2.1 OAQPS's Regulatory

 2.2 Statutory and Admin-
   istrative Requirements
   for Economic Analysis
   of Regulations

 2.3 Summary

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