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OAQPS Economic Analysis Resource Document

1.4 Organization of This Document

The remainder of this document is organized as follows:

  • Section 2 presents background information on the rationale and criteria for EAs stipulated in the CAA and EO 12866, as well as the rationale and criteria put forth in a variety of statutes and EOs requiring various forms of "impact" analysis.
  • Section 3 provides an overview of the regulatory development process both at the Agency level and for OAQPS/ISEG.
  • Section 4 addresses the preparation of industry profiles, including their structure, connections between the industry profile and economic analysis, and listing of commonly used data sources.
  • Section 5 presents the analytical framework and operational issues for estimating the social costs and direct economic impacts of the rule in an EIA.
  • Section 6 addresses methodological issues for conducting various distributional impact analyses subject to administrative and statutory requirements.
  • Section 7 presents the analytical framework and discussion of practical issues involved in estimating environmental benefits of a regulation.
  • Section 8 discusses several key general methodological and policy issues, such as the establishment of a regulatory baseline, discounting procedures, and methods for addressing uncertainty.
  • Section 9 recommends ways to communicate EA results so that they are transparent and understandable to decisionmakers.

1 Introduction

 1.0 Intro

 1.1 Regulatory Context

 1.2 Different Levels of
   Economic Analysis
   in OAQPS

 1.3 Scope of This

 1.4 Organization of
   This Document

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