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TTN/Economics & Cost Analysis Support
OAQPS Economic Analysis Resource Document

0.3 List of Tables

    1-1    Information Provided by Different Types of OAQPS Economic Analyses

    2-1    Statutes and Executive Orders Requiring Economic Analyses
    2-2    Economic Analysis Requirements Under EO 12291 and EO 12866

    4-1    Annotated Industry Profile Outline
    4-2    List of Industries with EPA Sector Notebooks
    4-3    Summary of Sources for Supply-Side Characterization
    4-4    Summary of Sources for Demand-Side Characterization
    4-5    Data Elements for Facility-Specific Sources
    4-6    Summary of Company-Specific Sources
    4-7    Data Elements for Company-Specific Sources
    4-8    Summary of Sources to Characterize Other Owning Entities
    4-9    Summary of Market-Level Data Sources
    5-1    Baseline Characterization of U.S. Amino and Phenolic Resin Markets:  1991
    5-2    Required Compliance Cost Elements for Affected Entities
    5-3    Summary of Market-Level Impacts of the Proposed Polymers and Resins III NESHAP:  1991
    5-4    Summary of National-Level Industry Impacts of the Proposed Polymers and Resins III NESHAP:  1991
    5-5    Distribution of Industry-Level Impacts of Proposed NESHAP by Affected and Unaffected Producers:  1991
    5-6    Distribution of Social Costs Associated with the Proposed Polymers and Resins III NESHAP:  1991
    6-1     Recommended Quantitative Criteria for Evaluating the Economic Impact of a Rule on Small Entities
    6-2       Summary of Quantitative Information Used to Identify Applicable Categories
    6-3       Contents of the Supporting Statement for an Information Collection Request

    7-1      Applicability of Valuation Methods to Assess Categories of Ecological Benefits
    7-2      Examples of Estimated Value per Mg for Selected Pollutants (1996$)
    7-3      Estimates of the Global Social Costs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    8-1     Transformation of Social Costs from an EIA to BCA
    9-1      Identified, Quantified, and Monetized Health Effects
    9-2      Sample Table of Net Benefits Estimates—Annual Net Benefits of Regulatory Options

0 Contents

 0.0 Intro




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