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1999 National Emission Inventory Documentation and Data - Final Version 3.0

The 2002 National Emission Inventory was released on February 23, 2006.
The 1999 National Emission Inventory includes documentation and data for:
Final version 3 of the NEI replaces all previously released versions of the data and documentation. It is important that the documentation and README files be read prior to downloading the data files from the EPA FTP site. Descriptions of EPA's plans and methods for preparing the 1999 national emission inventory is contained in the Revised 1999 National Emission Inventory Preparation Plan, February 2001 (PDF 524K)

Hazardous Air Pollutants Inventory - Final 1999 NEI Version 3

Data & Documentation
READ ME files
Point sources & Non point sources - July 2003 (PDF 435K)
State lookup tables - July 2003 (ZIP 600K)
This MS Access file contains all of the codes and flags used in the data files.
HAPs list with chemical ID fields - August 2003 (ZIP 85K)
READ Me for HAPs list with chemical ID (PDF 254K)
February 22 , 2006 - Updated error list.
1999 NEI potential HAP errors. (MDB 5.4M) This MS Access file is a list of potential errors in the 1999 NEI for hazardous air pollutants. When resources are available, we will investigate these potential errors and revise the HAPs portion of the 1999 NEI.

HAPS Summary files FTP site - September 2003

Non road auxiliary files FTP Site - October 2003

Point sources - July 2003 (PDF 315K)
Non point sources - August 2003 (PDF 3M)
On road sources - February 2004 (PDF 275K)
Non road sources - October 2003

Criteria Air Pollutants Inventory - Final 1999 NEI Version 3

Data & Documentation
READ ME files
PLEASE READ ALL OF THE README FILES before downloading the national ASCII files. The national ASCII files require minor modifications to the NIF 3.0 MS Access file before the data can be imported.

National ASCII files - December 2003

Criteria Summary Files
The summary files were updated for the 1999 criteria inventory and moved to the Criteria Pollutant Emissions Summary Files web page. Summary files are available for years 1990 and 1996 through 2001.

Non road auxiliary files FTP Site - December 2003

Additional criteria source information. These are 'zipped' files including documentation and spreadsheets for agricutlural fertilizer, feedlots, opening burning, mining, construction, cotton ginning, and paved and unpaved road dust.
Point sources - February 2004 (PDF 250K)
Non point sources - February 2004 (PDF 275K)
On road sources - February 2004 (PDF 275K)
Non Road Sources - October 2003

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