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Related Spatial Allocation Files - "Old" Surrogates

These files were developed prior to 2002 for use with 1996 base year inventories and inventories derived (e.g. future year projections) from the 1996 base year. They include data from the 1990 census, the North America Land Cover Characteristics, and other spatial sources that produce the 15 spatial surrogates EPA has been using for modeling with the 1996 and derived inventories. They are based on Albers projection. The "new" surrogates are located on a separate page.

Explanation of File Formats

Spatial Allocation Information Memo (3/05/2002)
This document outlines the files available for spatial allocation of emissions.
(PDF 7K)
Source Category Code / Spatial Surrogate Cross Reference File (3/05/2002)
This file provides SCC to spatial surrogate associations.
(XLS 206K)
Emission Spatial Surrogates (3/05/2002)
This file provides a description of the available ArcInfo shape files.
(PDF 18K)
Emission Surrogate Sources (3/05/2002)
This file provides the data form and reference source for the available ArcInfo shape files.
(TXT 4K)
Spatial Surrogate Coverage Files
FTP directory with ArcInfo shape files.
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