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Emissions Modeling Clearinghouse
Related Spatial Allocation Files - "New" Surrogates

These files were initially completed in the summer of 2003 for use with 1999 base year inventories and inventories derived from the 1999 base year. They include data from the 2000 census, National Land Cover Characteristics Data, and other spatial sources that produce the approximately 65 spatial surrogates that EPA plans to use for modeling the 1999 and derived inventories. They are based on a Lambert Conformal projection. The "old" surrogates are located on a separate page.

Explanation of File Formats

Readme_history.txt - June 2004
Describes files associated with "new" surrogates.
(TXT 15K)
SMOKE ready files - gridded surrogate ratios
amgpro.4km_041204.canadian.gz - April 2004
4 km Canadian surrogates
(ZIP 20M)
amgpro.4km_041604.us.gz - April 2004
4 km US surrogates
(ZIP 185M)
amgpro.12km_041204.canadian.gz - April 2004
12 km Canadian surrogates
(ZIP 3.3M)
amgpro.12km_041604.us.gz - April 2004
12 km US surrogates
(ZIP 27M)
amgpro.36km_041604.canadian.gz - April 2004
36 km Canadian surrogates
(ZIP 575K)
amgpro.36km_041604.us.gz - April 2004
36 km US surrogates
(ZIP 7.5M)
bgpro.4km_041604.us.gz - April 2004
4 km US land area
(ZIP 5M)
bgpro.12km_041604.us.gz - April 2004
12 km US land area
(ZIP 653K)
bgpro.36km_041604.us.gz - April 2004
36 km US land area
(ZIP 167K)
SMOKE ready files - cross references
amgref_us_051704 - May 2004
Cross references for 1999 National Emissions Inventory
(TXT 30K)
amgref_canada_041604 - April 2004
Cross references for Canadian inventory
(TXT 38K)
surrogate_development_process_031105.pdf - May 2004. Updated March 2005
Describes process for developing surrrogates
(PDF 265K)
surrogate_documentation_workbook063005.xls - June 2005
Lists surrogate data sources, surrogates and codes listed for US and Canadian surrogates
(XLS 104K)
Surrogate_assignments_us_051904.xls - May 2004
SCC-to-Surrogate assignments (1999 NEI-US surrogates only)
(XLS 230K)
Gap_Filling052504.xls - May 2004
Workbook containing, for each surrogate, (US only) a list of counties for which secondary surrogates were needed
(XLS 1.5M)
reviewexistingdatasources.pdf - August 2003
Presents various sources of surrogate data
(PDF 5.5M)
Canada_Emissions_Distribution_Techniques.pdf - August 2003
Documentation on Canadian surrogates
(PDF 150K)
Canadian_surrogates.xls - August 2003
Emission category to Canadian surrogate assignments
(XLS 90K)
Canada_SIC_SCC.xls - August 2003
Canadian emission category to SCC cross-reference
(XLS 200K)
Data Files
Shapefiles for US and Canada FTP Site
Geodatabase and SAS programs to make SMOKE-ready files - May 2004 FTP Site

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