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Emissions Modeling Clearinghouse
Emissions Software

EPA Emissions Models
Biogenic Emissions Inventory System (BEIS)
Emissions Modeling System for Hazardous Pollutants (EMS-HAP)
NONROAD Vehicle & Engine Emission Modeling
MOVES Emissions Model
Explanation of File Formats

EPA Emissions Tools
Spatial Surrogate Tool
This tool has been developed to create spatial surrogates from shapefiles without the need for GIS. The scriptable tool is provided with the MIMS Spatial Allocator, which is available from the CMAS Center website. Click on "Download Center" and select "Models", then select "Spatial Allocator"

Additional Emission Software (Non-EPA)
Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions (SMOKE) UNC Institute for the Environment,
Environmental Modeling for Policy Development, University of North Carolina. For technical support, select the "Get Help" link on this page.Exit EPA Disclaimer
International Vehicle Emissions (IVE) Model A computer model designed to estimate emissions from motor vehicles differently from the U.S. and European models. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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