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Fugitive Dust Fractions


Grid air quality models consistently overestimate fugitive dust impacts as compared to ambient samples. The following is documentation and example calculations of the transport fraction, a newly developed methodology to reduce fugitive dust emissions for use in grid modeling analyses. It is considered a logical step to improve our ability to account for the removal of particles near their emission source by vegetation and surface features and can be useful in grid-based modeling analyses. It is suggested as a replacement for the "divide-by-four" approach sometimes used to adjust fugitive dust emissions for grid modeling.

Explanation of File Formats

Methodology to Estimate the Transportable Fraction (TF) of Fugitive Dust Emissions for Regional and Urban Scale Air Quality Analyses - August 2005 PDF 160K
Transport Fractions - updated May 2006
Readme for update file
XLS 308K
SCCs whose fugitive dust emissions may be adjusted for near source capture - February 2007 XLS 25K

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