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Emission Inventory Improvement Program

Technical Report Series Volume 9
Particulate Emissions

Explanation of File Formats
Chapter 1 Getting Started: Planning for the Development of a PM2.5 Inventory. September 1999 (PDF 197K)

These source specific papers use the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) methodology for PM10, PM2.5, and NH3 and offer suggestions for making refinements to the NEI estimates. Finalized November 2002 - February 2003. (PDF 300K or less)

Animal Husbandry - Hogs Fugitive Dust from Unpaved Road
Animal Husbandry - Cattle Locomotives
Animal Husbandry - Poultry Managed Burning - Slash
Combustion - Structure Fires Prescribed Burning
Commericial Aircraft Residential Combustion - Fireplaces
Commercial Marine Vessels Residential Combustion - Woodstoves
Construction Clearing Waste Burning Residential Construction - Fugitive Dust
Fugitive Dust from Agricultural Tilling Residential Household Waste Open Burning
Fugitive Dust from Beef Cattle Feedlots Residential Yard Waste Burning - Leaves
Fugitive Dust from Mining and Quarrying Synthetic Fertilizer Application
Fugitive Dust from Paved Road Wildfires

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