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Emission Inventory Improvement Program

Technical Report Series Volume 8
Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

June 2003, updated December 2006
This volume of the EIIP guidance is undergoing revision to (1) increase consistency with the national inventory of GHG emissions and sinks, (2) incorporate state-level data sources, methods and emission factors where applicable, (3) update the text and examples for clarity, and (4) to include references to a MS Excel® based tool designed to assist states in the estimation of emissions. Substantive revisions include a number of methodological improvements and improved compatibility with international inventory guidelines and the Good Practice Guidance published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The State Guidance and Inventory tool use a top-down approach to calculating estimates of greenhouse gas emissions at the US state level. They consider direct emissions only; they do not calculate emissions from any indirect sources such as vehicle miles traveled, offsite waste disposal, or electricity consumption. The methods used and the sectors covered are the same as those in the US GHG Inventory (on the EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Web site). The state inventory guidance and tool contain methods and data that are specific to US states and may not be appropriate for use at a scale other than the state level or for countries other than the US.

The revised guidance is in final draft form and is currently undergoing review. To receive a copy of the draft guidance and the companion State Inventory Tool, please contact Andrea Denny at 202-343-9268 or denny.andrea@epa.gov

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