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Emission Inventory Improvement Program

Technical Report Series Volume 6
Quality Assurance Procedures and DARS Software

Explanation of File Formats
Chapter 1 Introduction: The Value of QA/QC. January 1997 (PDF 81K)
Chapter 2 Planning and Documentation. January 1997 (PDF 333K)
Chapter 3 General QA/QC Methods. July 1997 (PDF 1.2M)
Chapter 4 Evaluating the Uncertainty of Emission Estimates. July 1996 (PDF 286K)
Chapter 5 Model QA Plan. November 1996 (PDF 250K)
Appendix A Example Audit Report July 1996 (PDF 45K)
Appendix B Technical Systems Audit Checklist Example. July 1996 (PDF 28K)
Appendix C Example 1 of Data Quality Audit Checklist. July 1996 (PDF 26K)
Appendix D Example 2 of data Quality Audit Checklist. July 1996 (PDF 20K)
Appendix E Performance Evaluation Checklist Example. July 1996 (PDF 53K)
Appendix F EIIP Recommended Approach to Using the Data Attribute System (DARS). July 1996 (PDF 117K)
DARS User Manual Version 1.1 September 1997 (PDF 260K)
DARS Installation Readme file
Please read these installation instructions
(TXT 4K)

DARS 1.1
September 1997
Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3
Disk 4
(ZIP 1.4M)
(ZIP 1.4M)
(ZIP 1.4M)
(ZIP 56K)

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