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Emission Inventory Improvement Program

Technical Report Series Volume 3
Area Sources

Explanation of File Formats
Chapter 1 Introduction to Area Source Emission Inventory Development. April 2001 (PDF 330K)
Chapter 2 Residential Wood Combustion. April 2001 (PDF 220K)
Additional EIIP supported research:
EIIP Residential Wood Combustion Coordination Project. October 2003. Prepared for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA)Exit EPA Disclaimer
(Web site)
Chapter 3 Architectural Surface Coating. November 1995 (PDF 202K)
Chapter 4 Dry Cleaning. May 1996 (PDF 138K)
Chapter 5 Consumer and Commercial Solvent Use. August 1996 (PDF 379K)
Chapter 6 Solvent Cleaning. September 1997 (PDF 298K)
Chapter 7 Graphics Arts. November 1996 (PDF 172K)
Chapter 8 Industrial Surface Coating. September 1997 (PDF 274K)
Chapter 9 Pesticides - Agricultural and Nonagricultural. Revised Final, June 2001 (PDF 205K)
Chapter 11 Gasoline Marketing. April 2001

Draft 1999 National VOC Inventory for Gasoline Distribution. April 2003
(PDF 2.8M)

(ZIP 3M)
Chapter 12 Marine Vessel Loading, Ballasting, and Transit. April 2001 (PDF 149K)
Chapter 13
Autobody Refinishing. Draft, minor updates March 2005. (PDF 127K)
Chapter 14 Traffic Markings. May 1997 (PDF 154K)
Chapter 15 Municipal Landfills. April 2001 (PDF 195K)
Chapter 16 Open Burning. April 2001 (PDF 258K)
Chapter 17 Asphalt Paving. April 2001 (PDF 160K)
Chapter 18 Structure Fires. April 2001 (PDF 156K)
Chapter 24 Conducting Surveys for Area Source Inventories. December 2000 (PDF 140K)

Area Source Methods - Additional Documents

Review of Ammonia Emission Modeling Techniques for Natural Landscapes and Fertilized Soils - Draft Report. June 2004 (PDF 340K)
Estimating Ammonia Emissions From Anthropogenic Nonagricultural Sources - Draft Final Report. April 2004 (PDF 415K)


Area Source Method Abstracts

Asphalt Roofing Kettles. September 2000 (PDF 11K)
Baked Goods at Commercial/Retail Bakeries. July 1999 (PDF 24K)
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (UST). December 2001 (PDF 81K)
Residential and Commercial/Institutional Coal Combustion. April 1999 (PDF 34K)
Residential and Commercial/Institutional Fuel Oil and Kerosene Combustion. April 1999 (PDF 33K)
Residential and Commercial/Institutional Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Combustion. July 1999 (PDF 34K)
1999 National Emission Inventory (NEI) version 3.0 Draft National Criteria Inventory for Residential Fossil Fuel Combustion April 2003
(ZIP 3M)
Vehicle Fires. May 2000 (PDF 10K)

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