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Emission Inventory Improvement Program

Technical Report Series

EIIP Technical Report Series, Volumes 1-10:
Volume 1: Introduction
Volume 2: Point Sources
Volume 3: Area Sources and Area Source Method Abstracts
Volume 4: Mobile Sources
Volume 5: Biogenic Sources
Volume 6: Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Volume 7: Data Management Procedures
Volume 8: Greenhouse Gases
Volume 9: Particulate Emissions
Volume 10: Emission Projections

Disclaimer: As EPA has indicated in EIIP documents, the choice of methods to be used to estimate emissions depends on how the estimates will be used and the degree of accuracy required. Methods using site-specific data are preferred over other methods. These documents are non-binding guidance and not rules. EPA, the States, and others retain the discretion to employ or to require other approaches that meet the requirements of the applicable statutory or regulatory requirements in individual circumstances.

Draft Volumes and Chapters

Vol 8, Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions This volume of the EIIP guidance is undergoing revision to (1) increase consistency with the national inventory of GHG emissions and sinks, (2) incorporate state-level data sources, methods and emission factors where applicable, (3) update the text and examples for clarity, and (4) to include references to a MS ExcelŽ based tool designed to assist states in the estimation of emissions. Substantive revisions include a number of methodological improvements and improved compatibility with international inventory guidelines and the Good Practice Guidance published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The revised guidance is in final draft form and is currently undergoing review. To receive a copy of the draft guidance and the companion State Inventory Tool, please contact Andrea Denny at 202-564-3467 or denny.andrea@epa.gov. June 2003.

How to obtain copies of EIIP Reports

The original EIIP Technical Report Series, EPA 454/R-97-004, Volumes 1 through 7, were printed in July 1997. They are available in hardcopy by calling the EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications.
Phone: (800)490-9198
FAX: (513)489-8695
Web Site: http://www.epa.gov/ncepihom/index.htm

Updates to the these volumes, and Volumes 8-10, are available on this web site.

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