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PM 2.5 Inventory Resource Center - Getting Started

This page provides a compilation of links which may provide access to additional useful information. These links were identified to supplement resources already available on this site.
This page links to the document: EIIP Volume 9: CHAPTER 1: Getting Started: Emission Inventory Methods for PM2.5, July 1999. The primary objective of this document is to address issues that are important in the development of emission inventories for PM2.5 and its precursors. This paper addresses emission factor and activity data development, spatial and temporal variability of PM2.5, and priorities for methodology and emission factor development on National, regional, and nonattainment area scales. In 2001, a series of source specific papers using the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) methodology for PM10, PM2.5, and NH3 were finalized.

The full document and the source specific "one pagers" are available on the EIIP Volume 9 web page.


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