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PM 2.5 Inventory Resource Center - Getting Started

This page provides information on issues related to PM2.5 and links to Internet pages that have summary emissions inventory data. Information related to the NAAQS, health effects of PM2.5, visibility and haze, are available here.


  • Inventory Concepts
    Defines emission factors(EFs) and their uses; Describes how to obtain AP-42 information and updates.
  • PM2.5 - Getting Started Document
    This document is an essential reference for those with limited familiarity to PM2.5.
  • Ambient Data
    Monitoring networks, summaries and data analysis; speciation and particulate chemistry.
  • Existing Inventory Information
    Emission trends reports, and procedures, GCVTC reports, and inventory procedures.
  • NAAQS and Haze
    Describes the NAAQS, and NAAQS for PM2.5; effects of PM2.5;Haze programs;effects of Haze.
  • Regional Groups, Planning Bodies and Associations.

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