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Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule (CERR)

Contact: Dennis Beauregard (beauregard.dennis@epa.gov)


Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) - Final

On March 10, 2005, EPA issued the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR). The rule and information about the rule, is available on the CAIR webpage.

Section VII D in the preamble covers emissions reporting requirements for the states.

Part 51 of the regulatory text was revised by changes to Section 51.122 "Emissions reporting requirements for SIP revisions relating to budgets for NOX emissions," and adding Section 51.125 "Emissions reporting requirements for SIP revisions relating to budgets for SO2 and NOX emissions."

The preamble and the rule are available as Acrobat PDF files.

Point source reporting requirements for PM2.5 and NH3 are activated under the CERR

Federal Register: June 20, 2003, Volume 68, Number 119, Pages 39682
When the Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule (CERR) was originally promulgated in the Federal Register, states were not required to report point source emissions of PM2.5 and NH3 until EPA published an approved Information Collection Request (ICR) addressing point source reporting of PM2.5 and NH3. EPA has completed the ICR and received OMB approval and published the approval in the Federal Register on June 20, 2003 (68FR36982). The following statement is part of the Federal Register approval notice. "The approval of this ICR activates the point source reporting requirements for PM2.5 and NH3 found in the Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule section 51.30(e) (67FR39602, June 10, 2002) and establishes the applicable reporting deadline. As a result of this action, States must commence reporting PM2.5 and NH3 emissions from point sources beginning with the 2002 inventory year with the report due on June 1, 2004."
Federal Register announcement (PDF 43K)

CERR Final Rule

Federal Register: June 10, 2002, Volume 67, Number 111, Pages 39602-39616
SUMMARY: This action simplifies and consolidates emission inventory reporting requirements to a single location within the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), establishes new reporting requirements related to PM2.5 and regional haze, and establishes new requirements for the statewide reporting of area source and mobile source emissions. Many State and local agencies asked EPA to take this action to: Consolidate reporting requirements; improve reporting efficiency; provide flexibility for data gathering and reporting; and better explain to program managers and the public the need for a consistent inventory program. Consolidated reporting should increase the efficiency of the emission inventory program and provide more consistent and uniform data.

DATES: The regulatory amendments announced in this rule take effect on August 9, 2002.
Final Rule - full text (PDF 113K)
Summary of major provisions for CERR (PDF 35K)

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