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Chemical Speciation -
Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The Chemical Speciation Network (CSN) routinely measures PM2.5 mass, elements, ions, and carbon species. Several SOPs are used to support the laboratory operations for the analysis of these species and the list of routine SOPs are provided below.

In addition, there are SOPs that are used to support laboratory operations for optional or supplemental analyses and they are listed at the bottom of this page. The optional SOPs are available for use in special projects as needed and not used in the routine CSN.

Routine CSN SOPs

DRI SOP – DRI model 2001 – Thermal/Optical Carbon Analysis (PDF) (90pp, 1.4 MB) - October 2012

SOP for Procurement and Acceptance Testing for Teflon, Nylon, and Quartz Filters (PDF) (6pp, 303 kb) - 2011

SOP for Cleaning Nylon Filters Used for Collection of PM2.5 Material (PDF) (8pp, 338 kb) - 2009

SOP for Coating Aluminum Honeycomb Denuders with MgO (PDF) (9pp, 298 kb) - 2009

SOP for PM Gravimetric Analysis (PDF) (23pp, 391 kb) - 2008

SOP for PM2.5 Cation Analysis (PDF) (11pp, 350 kb) - 2009

SOP for PM2.5 Anion Analysis (PDF) (12pp, 355 kb) - 2009

SOP for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Particulate Matter Deposits on Teflon Filters (PDF) (17pp, 400 kb) - 2009

Chester Lab Net SOP AD – 008.05 - Sample receipt and log in (PDF) (15pp, 935 kb) - 2008

Chester Lab Net SOP XR – 002.04 – Analysis of Elements in Air Particulates (PDF) (26pp, 1.8 MB) - 2009

Chester Lab Net SOP XR – 004.01 – Kevex XRF Spectrometer Calibration (PDF) (22pp, 1.5 MB) - 2008

Chester Lab Net SOP XR – 005.01 – Kevex Spectrometer Data Generation, Interpretation, and Reporting (PDF) (18pp, 1.3 MB) - 2009

SOP for Corrective Action for the PM2.5  Chemical Speciation Program (PDF) (4pp, 277 kb) - 2008

SOP for Assigning Data Validation Flags for the Chemical Speciation Network (PDF) (13pp, 652 kb) - 2008

SOP for Database Operations (PDF) (18pp, 318 kb) - 2008

SOP for Long-Term Archiving of PM2.5 Filters and Extracts (PDF) (6pp, 280 kb) - 2009

SOP – Speciation Data Processing Disaster Recovery Plan (PDF) (7pp, 284 kb) - 2008

SOP for Document Control for the PM2.5  Chemical Speciation Program (PDF) (6pp, 291 kb) - 2009

SOP for Sample Handling and Archiving Laboratory (PDF) (31pp, 1.7 MB) - 2009

SOP for Shipping Filters to and from an Off-Site Laboratory (PDF) (8pp, 393 kb) - 2009

SOP for Training for Staff Working on the PM2.5  Chemical Speciation Program (PDF) (6pp, 292 kb) - 2008

Optional or Supplemental CSN SOPs

SOP for the X-Series ICP-MS for the Analysis of Particulate Deposits on Teflon Filters (PDF) (2008) (10 pp, 293 kb)

SOP for Temperature Calibration of the Sample Thermocouple in a Sunset or DRI 2001 Carbon Aerosol Analyzer (PDF) (2009) (13 pp, 350 kb)

SOP for the Determination of Carbon Fractions in PM using the Improve – A Heating Protocol on a DRI 2001 Analyzer (PDF) (2009) (26 pp, 490 kb)

SOP for the Determination of Carbon Fractions in PM Using the Improve – A Heating Protocol on a Sunset Dual-Mode Analyzer (PDF) (2009) (26 pp, 460 kb)

SOP for Organic, Elemental, and Total Carbon in PM Using a Thermal/Optical Transmittance Carbon Analyzer (PDF) (2009) (23 pp, 459 kb)

SOP for Coating R&P Speciation Sampler Chemcomb Denuders with Sodium Carbonate (PDF) (2008) (6 pp, 326 kb)

SOP for Sample Preparation and Analysis of PM10 ad PM2.5  by Scanning Electron Microscopy (PDF) (2008) (7 pp, 369 kb)

SOP for Coating and Extracting Annular Denuders with Sodium Carbonate (PDF) (2009) (6 pp, 295 kb)

SOP for Coating Annular Denuders with XAD-4 Resin (PDF) (2008) (9 pp, 288 kb)

DRI SOP Procedure for Light Transmission Analysis (PDF) (2008) (17 pp, 908 kb)

DRI SOP Analysis of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds by GC/MS (PDF) (2008) (26 pp, 1.3 MB)

SOP for Coating and Extracting Compact Parallel – Plate Denuders for Ammonia (PDF) (2010) (12 pp, 378 kb)

SOP for Coating and Extracting Denuders for Ammonia (PDF) (2008) (8 pp, 302 kb)

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