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State and Local Climate and Energy Program

U.S. EPA Webcast: Tribal Approaches to Address the Changing Climate

On December 11, 2012, U.S. EPA's Office of Atmospheric Programs hosted a webcast, “Tribal Approaches to Address the Changing Climate,” to showcase tribes that are implementing energy conservation, materials recycling, and adaptation programs. View the files below to:

  • Learn how Gila River Indian Community and Choctaw Nation are reducing greenhouse gas emissions through recycling and energy efficiency audits.
  • Learn how the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin is integrating climate change considerations into its decision-making and water management programs.
  • Learn about resources and funding ideas to design and implement climate change programs that may be right for your tribe.

Full Webcast Transcript

Part 1: Introduction | Neelam Patel, U.S. EPA
Podcast (MP3) (5:22, 2.5M) | Presentation (PDF) (7 pp, 291K)

Part 2: Welcome | Beth Craig, U.S. EPA
Podcast (MP3) (3:27, 1.6M)

Part 3: Tribes and Climate Change | Anne Marie Chischilly, ITEP
Podcast (MP3) (8:55, 4.2M) | Presentation (PDF) (7 pp, 778K)

Part 4: Benefits of Addressing the Causes of Climate Change | Neelam Patel, U.S. EPA
Podcast (MP3) (8:45, 4.1M) | Presentation (PDF) (8 pp, 176K)

Part 5: Gila River Indian Community Recycling Initiative | Sky Dawn Reed, Gila River Indian Community
Podcast (MP3) (17:29, 8.2M) | Presentation (PDF) (15 pp, 922K)

Part 6: Choctaw Nation—HELP (Healthy Energy Living Project) | Tracy Horst, Choctaw Nation
Podcast (MP3) (17:12, 8.1M) | Presentation (PDF) (11 pp, 878K)

Part 7: Opportunities for Tribal Engagement in Climate Change Policies and Programs | Kathy Lynn, University of Oregon and Garrit Voggesser, National Wildlife Federation
Podcast (MP3) (28:12, 13.2M) | Presentation (PDF) (16 pp, 1.7M)

Part 8: Tribal Approaches to Adapt to Climate Change Impacts | Lesley Jantarasami, U.S. EPA
Podcast (MP3) (7:49, 3.7M) | Presentation (PDF) (10 pp, 164K)

Part 9: A Climate Change Focused Organization | Jeff Mears, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
Podcast (MP3) (13:02, 6.1M) | Presentation (PDF) (24 pp, 3.3M)

Part 10: Q and A Session
Podcast (MP3) (6:33, 3.1M)

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