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State and Local Climate and Energy Program

Reenergizing our Urban Community Efficiently: Crosland Park

Aiken, South Carolina

Federal Funding: $320,000
Project Timeline: February 2011 – February 2015

Latest Update

The City of Aiken is working to educate the public about energy efficiency and home weatherization. The City’s successful Summer Weatherization program has weatherized 140 homes since its inception in 2011. The City also completed energy efficiency improvements to the Crosland Park Community Center, such as blowing new insulation in walls and attic space, installing a new heating and air system with new ducting, installing Energy Star appliances, installing new energy-efficient windows, and abating asbestos. The City has assembled a waiting list of 27 homeowners to receive energy efficiency improvements. Additionally, Aiken has signed a contract with Carolina Green Energy Systems to perform energy audits on homes. Twelve homes were inspected and tested, and six have completed and returned applications for weatherization assistance. Finally, the City mailed newsletters to residents providing details on the weatherization program, tips on how to save on energy costs, homes for sale in Crosland Park, and upcoming events. In the upcoming quarter, the City plans to continue inspecting homes and performing energy audits on the remaining homes on the waiting list and continue weatherization construction.

Project Summary

Revitalizing and Re-Energizing a Low-Income Community

The Crosland Park Initiative is part of a larger effort, the Northside Development Plan, to improve housing stock and infrastructure and encourage private investment in Aiken’s Northside neighborhoods. As part of the Crosland Park Initiative, the City of Aiken is helping residents of the low-income neighborhood of Crosland Park lower their utility bills and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by completing 24 to 30 comprehensive energy-efficient renovations. The City completes energy audits before and after each renovation to monitor the effectiveness of the initiative. The City is also weatherizing 40 additional homes in Crosland Park each year through a summer job program and offering educational workshops to educate community members on reducing home energy consumption.

The Crosland Park Initiative renovations include the following strategies:

  • installing ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures and appliances, energy-efficient furnaces or heat pumps with programmable thermostats, radiant barrier roofing materials, and tankless and/or solar water heaters,
  • sealing the building envelope, and
  • installing whole house energy consumption displays to educate homeowners about energy conservation and to promote long-term energy conservation habits.

Overall, the initiative will lower residents' energy bills, improve indoor air quality, improve the quality of life in a low-income neighborhood, engage local youth and businesses, and increase employment training opportunities for residents. These renovation and weatherization projects, in addition to reducing energy use and GHG emissions, will also spark much-needed economic development.

Community Characteristics

Population: 28,884
Area: 16 square miles
Government Type: City
Community Type: Small Urban
Median Household Income: $52,601

Program Results

  Reported Results (as of September 2013) Projected Cumulative Results
Annual GHG Reductions 350 mt CO2e 278 mt CO2e
Homes Retrofitted 8 27
Homes Weatherized 140 120
Jobs Created Annually 7 FTE 1.8 FTE

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