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smartway logoTrends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics (TIPS) for April 28, 2014

TIPS (Trends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics) is a source of leading freight movement industry indicators and quick facts about current SmartWay Partner performance metrics.

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Posted April 28, 2014

On this Page:

  1. Fuel Cost Savings by SmartWay Truck Carriers
  2. Reduced Oil Consumption by SmartWay Truck Carriers
  3. Reduction in CO2 Emissions by SmartWay Truck Carriers

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From SmartWay Partners' first data reports through 2013, SmartWay Truck Carriers have collectively been responsible for reducing oil consumption by a total of over 120 million barrels. These Partners have avoided consuming fuel through the use of fuel-conserving technology and strategies promoted by SmartWay, using a variety of approaches ranging from aerodynamic vehicle features and low rolling resistance tires to anti-idling measures, like driver training and remote monitoring. Data collected from Partners in their annual updates to SmartWay comprise the basis for this information.

According to Partner reports from the first data collections through 2013, SmartWay Truck Carriers have cumulatively saved over 51 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is the greenhouse gas that makes up the highest proportion of emissions volume from internal combustion engines. Because CO2 emissions are proportional to fuel consumption, this graph shows the same trend as that seen in the preceding graph for reduced oil consumption over the same time period.

SmartWay Truck Carrier Partners have saved a total of $16.8 billion, reported cumulatively through 2013, due to reductions in fuel consumption by using fuel-conserving technology and strategies showcased by EPA SmartWay. This information comes from data submitted annually by SmartWay Partners.

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