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SmartWay has room for just about everyone.

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The partnership component of SmartWay is reserved for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, cargo owners and other shippers, as well as private fleets, commercial carriers, rail carriers, multimodal carriers, freight brokers and 3rd party logistics providers. 

However, if you do not fall into any of those categories, there's still a way for you to participate. SmartWay invites you to become a SmartWay Affiliate.

Affiliate Participation Guidelines

"You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more."

Participation as an Affiliate

SmartWay Affiliates commit to promoting SmartWay within the freight transport industry. Affiliates are organizations that encourage their members or customers to register in the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

Four types of organizations are eligible to become SmartWay Affiliates:

  • Non-Profits are trade and professional associations; membership, nongovernmental organizations; academic institutions and governmental agencies that educate their constituents about the SmartWay program.
  • Truck/Trailer Dealerships promote and sell EPA-designated SmartWay Tractors or Trailers and SmartWay-verified technologies.
  • Leasing Companies promote and lease SmartWay-designated vehicles, tractors or trailers to dealerships and/or multiple franchises.
  • Truck stops/travel plazas educate customers about ways to reduce long duration idling.

SmartWay affiliates:

  • Promote SmartWay
  • Educate their members about the program and its benefits
  • Train members on best practices related to SmartWay and supply chain efficiency

To learn more about how you can participate and how to successfully lead your organization and your members in the freight sustainability movement, check out our Best Practices Guide (PDF) (18 pp, 2.2MB, EPA-420-B-15-068, May 2015)

Ready to become a SmartWay Affiliate?

Download and complete the agreement. Then e-mail it to EPA at: smartway_transport@epa.gov.

Have more questions? Call us at (734) 214-4767 or e-mail us at smartway_transport@epa.gov.

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2016 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge

The SmartWay Affiliate Challenge provides EPA with the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the important contributions of SmartWay Affiliates. Dedicated Affiliates are critical to the SmartWay program's continued success. The commitment and enthusiasm of SmartWay Affiliates raises program awareness and supports EPA's mission of protecting human health and the environment.

To highlight the valuable role of Affiliates in the SmartWay program, EPA recognizes Affiliates that conduct exceptional outreach and educational activities of both the SmartWay program and sustainable freight transportation in general. Additional activities include enrolling other affiliates or partners in the SmartWay program and demonstrating collaborative efforts with other organizations.

Ready to take the Challenge? It’s easy! See what other Affiliates have done. Review the outstanding job performed by this year’s honorees (PDF) (3 pp, 491K, EPA-420-F-15-018, April 2015) and take a look at the resources found in the Affiliate Tool Kit below to help you complete the activities.

Download the 2016 Affiliate Challenge Application (PDF) (7 pp, 195K, June 2016)

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Toolkit for Affiliates

The SmartWay Affiliate Tool Kit helps affiliates meet their commitment to advance and support the mission and goals of SmartWay to their members and customers.

Use these resources on your intranet site, public website, member newsletter--wherever your members get information about your commitment to a cleaner environment.

Ways you can help spread the word about SmartWay:

  • Present SmartWay Transport Partnership to your members (PPT) (12 pp, 4.4MB) This presentation will help you educate your members or associates regarding the goals and benefits of SmartWay.
  • Share the SmartWay Program Highlights (PDF) (1 pg, 61K, EPA-420-F-14-003, February 2014)
  • Use the SmartWay Affiliate Logo
    • Participating SmartWay Affiliates are encouraged to promote the goals of SmartWay through education and marketing of tools, technologies, strategies and policies promoted by the SmartWay Transport Partnership.  Use of the SmartWay brand logo is limited to non-profit Affiliates.
    • Review the SmartWay Graphics Standards and Usage Guide (PDF) (33 pp, 412K, EPA-420-B-11-014, April 2011), then complete and sign the logo use signature page.  The signature of your organization’s designated official means that your organization understands and agrees to adhere to the SmartWay logo use guidelines.  Upon receipt of your signed and completed logo use signature form and following a brief review, the official SmartWay brand logo files will be sent to you for promotional purposes.
    • NOTE: Manufacturers of SmartWay verified technologies are prohibited from using the SmartWay logo. Manufacturers of SmartWay verified technologies provide technologies that assist our Partners with meeting their goals and thus indirectly contribute to SmartWay program goals. However, use of the SmartWay logo could potentially confuse the public about the SmartWay brand, and could imply an improper endorsement by EPA of the product.
    • For more details and explanation about SmartWay brand logo qualifications for manufacturers of SmartWay verified technologies, download the SmartWay Verified Technologies Communication Guidelines (PDF) (5pp, 178K, February 2010).
    • To request a high resolution copy of the SmartWay brand logo, contact us.
  • Place the SmartWay Affiliate Badge on your website (PDF) (33 pp, 414K, EPA-420-F-11-014, )

    • Source code:
      <a href="http://www.epa.gov/smartway"><img src="http://www.epa.gov/otaq/smartway/images/partnership/community/smartway-web-button.gif" alt="Visit to the SmartWay Website" width="216" height="144"></a>
  • Include the "Why Join SmartWay" letter in your newsletter or blog (DOC) (1 pp, 26K)
    This letter can be tailored and personalized for your membership magazines, trade media, etc.
  • Place the "Reflects Well" print advertisement in your newsletters or trade media (PDF) (1 pp, 230 KB)
    Promote the benefits of SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers to your members.
  • Tell your members about the benefits of SmartWay Verified Technologies
    EPA has evaluated the fuel saving benefits of various devices through grants, cooperative agreements, emissions and fuel economy testing, demonstration projects and technical literature review.  As a result, EPA has determined that various types of technologies provide fuel saving and/or emission reducing benefits when used properly in their designed applications.
  • Tell your members about SmartWay Trends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics (TIPS)—EPA's source for leading freight movement industry indicators and quick facts on current SmartWay Partner performance metrics.
  • Place the "SmartWay Certified Vehicle" print advertisement in your newsletter (PDF) (1 p, 981K)
    Inform your employees and encourage members to inform their employees about the benefits of owning or leasing SmartWay Certified cars. When you buy a SmartWay certified vehicle, you are helping to reduce air pollution and improve energy efficiency. It’s the smart way to make an important contribution to a cleaner environment and our energy independence. 
  • Use the SmartWay Partner Placard (PDF) (1 pp, 1.4 M)  The dimensions of the SmartWay Partner Placard are 8.5 x 5.5 inches which prints best on white foam board. PMS colors are 3005 and 347
  • Display the SmartWay Truck Banner (PDF) (1 pp, 48 K)
    Print instructions:  banner file is 25 percent of the actual banner size (actual banner size: 87" x 36"). The printer has to enlarge the file to the actual banner dimensions before printing. Create the banner with 8 grommets for the top of the banner and 8 grommets on the bottom.

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2015 Affiliate Leader Board

Completing one or more of these activities allows you to be recognized for your efforts throughout the year. Send Patrice Thornton an email (thornton.patrice@epa.gov) when you finish a task. Feel free to use any of the resources in the Affiliate Toolkit and contact us if you have any questions.




Logo on website:

Why SmartWay

3. Collaboration

4. Recruiting
5. Social media
6. Newsletter
7. Host event
Other activities
Penske Logistics Logo

Descriptions of Activities

1. Logo on website: place the SmartWay Affiliate (“Proud Supporter of SmartWay”) logo on your website

2. Why SmartWay: describe why your organization participates in SmartWay on your sustainability page.

3. Collaboration: tell us how you’ve collaborated with other organizations on freight sustainability issues.

4. Recruiting: tell us about your efforts to recruit new SmartWay partners and affiliates.

5. Social media: use your social media channels to post about SmartWay.

6. Newsletter: place a PSA or op-ed style piece about SmartWay in your internal or external newsletter (email, print, or online).

7. Host event: host a SmartWay event, either in-person or a webinar. EPA staff would be happy to co-host an event or webinar in conjunction with your organization.

8. Other activities: let us know about any of your other SmartWay-related activities.

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