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Joining SmartWay as a Freight Carrier

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Today’s freight shipping clients are increasingly demand accountability and transparency from the companies in their supply chain, including their transportation partners. 

Smart transportation and logistics companies are benchmarking and tracking their efforts to increase efficiency and economy.  The SmartWay program helps freight carriers demonstrate their efficiency, show continuous improvement, and learn best practices to become even better.


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About SmartWay

The SmartWay program helps transportation providers to benchmark, measure and track their efforts to improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. SmartWay is a voluntary program. The EPA provides resources for both freight shippers and freight carriers to help them establish green freight initiatives that get measurable results.

Endorsed by leading freight sector associations such as the American Trucking Association (ATA) and the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the SmartWay program has been used by over 3,000 companies and organizations to reduce the environmental impacts of goods movement.

Learn more about SmartWay:

Hauling freight is your business.  Protecting the environment is ours. 

When we help you reduce fuel use and increase efficiency, there’s a win-win--your business saves money, and the environment suffers fewer harmful emissions.

Becoming a SmartWay carrier partner helps you achieve:

  • Credible Efficiency Tracking and Carbon Accounting: EPA's tracking tools are the "gold standard" of fuel efficiency and carbon accounting in the freight transportation sector, ensuring that your tracking efforts are consistent with industry best practices
  • Demonstrated Commitment: SmartWay is recognized by your customers as their preferred way of identifying more efficient carriers. Your participation quickly signals that efficiency is a priority for your company.
  • Measurable results: Track the metrics that matter most to your bottom line. By benchmarking and tracking your efficiency performance, you see how you compare to your peers, as well as how your efforts affect results on a year to year basis. SmartWay provides reports that make it easy to show results.
  • Operational Efficiencies: You can't fix what you don't measure. Benchmarking and tracking with SmartWay helps you identify inefficiency and waste that costs you money, and allows you to make strategic improvements to year after year.
  • Sustainability innovations: Tap into industry expertise and best practices through expert webinars, meetings, and case studies.
  • Continuous improvement: Your annual participation in SmartWay provides business intelligence that helps pinpoint real achievements and uncover opportunities to get better.
  • Industry recognition: EPA showcases companies that demonstrate green freight best practices via case studies, profiles, panel discussions, webinars, and awards.

You will be in great company when you join SmartWay!

With over 2900 SmartWay Truck, Multimodal, Rail and Barge Carrier partners, you will be among the global leaders in freight sustainability.

Participating in SmartWay is straight forward (and free)!

SmartWay offers an integrated set of no cost, EPA-tested tools to help companies make informed freight transportation choices. These tools help companies to measure, benchmark, and report carbon emissions, and to improve freight efficiency and environmental performance across their supply chain.

There are five basic steps to success with the SmartWay program:

  1. Benchmark performance
  2. Report results
  3. Innovate operations
  4. Improve efficiency
  5. Measure your supply chain footprint

Companies that carry goods measure their efficiency. When they submit their efficiency information to EPA, they become registered SmartWay partners and their performance is benchmarked against other companies in their sector. Carrier information is aggregated and provided to companies that ship goods. These shippers are then able to assess the impact of their current transportation activities, and find ways to get better.

Carriers that register with SmartWay:

  • Have access to detailed reports and statistics about their efficiency and their performance relative to their peers.
  • Receive documentation they can share with their customers to show that they are SmartWay partners.
  • Can use the SmartWay logo to promote their participation in a variety of ways.
  • May be able to put the SmartWay logo on their tractors and trailers if the equipment meets EPA standards.
  • Receive emissions data that can be used in sustainability reports and carbon accounting.

Make an investment in your company’s future.  Join SmartWay today.

Here are the three simple steps to becoming a SmartWay partner.

1. Choose your partner type

  • Shipper Partner  - Your company is a retailer, manufacturer or user of goods that contracts the shipping of its inbound or outbound freight with outside firms
  • Logistics Company Partner  - Your company is a freight broker or forwarder, third or fourth party logistics provider, or non-asset based carrier
  • Truck Carrier Partner  - Your company operates and manages or leases its own for-hire or private fleet and contracts the shipping of 5% or less of its freight with outside firms
  • Rail Carrier Partner  - Your company is a commercial class 1, 2, or 3 rail carrier and you operate and manage your own locomotives and are hired by others to move their freight
  • Barge Carrier Partner  - Your company operates and manages or leases its own barge fleet and is hired by others to move their freight
  • Air Carrier Partner  - Your company operates and manages or leases its own air fleet and is hired by others to move their freight
  • Multi-modal Carrier Partner  - Your company uses two or more modes: truck, rail, logistics, barge and/or air to move freight

Still not sure what type of partner you are?  Contact EPA at 734-214-4767 for more support.

2. Complete your application:  Complete a simple application form to instantly have access to EPA’s tools and resources that will help you begin measuring, benchmarking, and tracking your efficiency and carbon footprint with SmartWay.

3. Measure and benchmark your performance:  Use the SmartWay reporting tool to measure your activity and get information about how you compare to your peers.

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