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Healthy Hair Care and the Environment

How Green is Your Salon?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Salons are going green and it makes good sense. The average salon uses a range of chemicals and consumes important resources such as water and energy. There are a number of things to look for when selecting a salon that is environmentally conscious. If your salon is new to “green” practices you can encourage them to adopt healthier practices that can reduce costs and their environmental footprint. Enjoy the added benefits of knowing that your choices will not harm your body or the environment. These practices can make your salon experience a healthier, safer, happier one.

Does your salon do any of the following?


Limit Chemical Exposure
  • Use less toxic, safer, natural products
  • Use pumps instead of aerosol containers
  • Use products with low volatile organic compound content
  • Use non-toxic products for disinfecting and cleaning
client having hair washed in a salon
Conserve Water
Minimize Waste
  • Use refillable containers for products
  • Use a dispensing system for shampoo and conditioners
  • Use products with packaging that uses less plastic and cardboard
  • Offer water in reusable cups or glasses, instead of plastic water bottle
  • More information on ways to minimize waste »
Conserve Energy
  • Use energy-efficient lights throughout the salon
  • Use Energy Star equipment


  • Give used magazines to other organizations, friends and customers
  • Make empty containers and cardboard available to other businesses
  • Require suppliers to take back empty refillable containers


recycle symbol
  • Install recycling bins for office paper, cardboard, plastic, magazines

EPA has free voluntary partnership programs that can help salon owners reduce cost and their environmental impacts. More information on these programs »

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