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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

EMS for EPA's San Francisco, CA Office

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An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a continual cycle of planning, implementing, and reviewing activities to meet environmental regulations and improve a facility's overall performance. This includes non-regulated environmental impacts like energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, and purchase and use of products that have less impact on the environment. With an EMS, a facility's environmental impacts become the responsibility of all employees.

In order to manage this facility in a manner that protects the environment, the safety of our employees, and public health, EPA’s Pacific Southwest Regional Office (Region 9) has committed to following an EMS for its office/facility at 75 Hawthorne Street in San Francisco, CA. This website documents the EMS for EPA Region 9 and provides access to the information for our internal and external stakeholders. EPA's Region 9 Lab in Richmond, CA, also has an EMS for its facility.

Details of Region 9's EMS

"The EMS is about how we practice environmental protection in our day-to-day lives. Who better to lead by example than the employees of EPA?”
Tom Huetteman, Associate Director, Waste Management Division

"Working on the EMS, and its related projects, has shown me that everyone can make a difference in their workplace and in their community... [We] can all do so much more to improve our business practices and lessen our impact on the environment. "
Heather White, EMS Representative, EPA Waste Management

EPA Region 9 EMS Manual
Gathers together and organizes the documentation needed to support Region 9's EMS

Key sections:

Fenceline and facility information

EPA Region 9's EMS Policy
EMS goals are defined in this policy, which has been signed by the Regional Administrator.

Planning and Environmental Aspects
Significant Aspects

Objectives and Targets
Strategies to reduce environmental impacts

EMS system procedures

Environmental Management Programs
How to reach objectives and targets

Comments, questions, & suggestions
How to contact Region 9's EMS Lead

Related Information

Environmental Management System (EMS) Training
Phase 1 and Phase 2 PowerPoint presentations

The Natural Step  Exiting EPA (disclaimer)
An international advisory and research organization

Executive Order 13423
Requires federal agencies to develop EMSs

Other Executive Orders Affecting federal facilities

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