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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Dairy Manure Management

Technologies for Treating Dairy Manure

Crop Nutrient Management

Removal of Nutrients & Salts Anaerobic Digestion/ Thermal Conversion Composting Solid-Liquid Separation Dairy
Blue boxes indicate processes. Green boxes indicate products with economic value. *Current practice on
California dairies or pilot project in place. Flow Diagram, PDF (1 pg, 12K) About PDF

Dairies often apply manure lagoon water on fields to provide both irrigation water and fertilizer to crops. To prevent leaching of excess nutrients to groundwater, nutrients must be applied at the agronomic rate, i.e., the amount the crop can take up. Key tools include (1) a rapid test for nitrogen content of dairy lagoon water and (2) irrigation flow meters. University of California Cooperative Extension, with initial funding from EPA, has been developing these tools and bringing the information to dairies in the San Joaquin Valley. For example, one firm is developing a monitoring and process control system to improve the reliability and performance of nitrification/denitrification systems, based on a specialized spectroscope that can measure nitrate and nitrite concentrations in water without sample handling, reagent addition, or complex calibration procedures.

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