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Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

National Information

Corrective Action Measures

Region 5 is working to protect human health and the environment by reducing the backlog of LUST cleanups.

Region 5 Risk Based Corrective Action Guidelines RBCA Guidelines (PDF) (39pp, 133K) December 1995 - Conducting risk-based corrective action for federally regulated UST petroleum releases

Region 5 has participated in several studies to improve our approach to corrective action:

Multi-site approaches to clean up LUST sites

To help decrease the backlog of LUST cleanups, OUST is proposing multi-site cleanup approaches. The goal of these approaches is to decrease the existing backlogs most efficiently and save resources.

In March 2004, Region 5 helped develop a multi-site agreement (MSA) between the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and Shell Oil. The purpose of the MSA is to increase the pace of tank remediation by standardizing the corrective action process, ensuring consistency, improving communication, prioritizing sites, and establishing response time frames resulting in a more efficient use of resources and time.


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