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Composting Roundtable

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Using compost to improve stormwater management and erosion control on roadsides

Compost Best Management Practice (BMP) Demonstration Plots photo gallery

September 2007 Roundtable & Living Field Demonstration - Retzer Nature Center, Waukesha,  WI

Benefits of Compost In Stormwater Management & Erosion Control


Soil: Itís Alive (PDF) (9pp, 188 K)

Erosion Control (PDF) (36 pp, 2.5 MB)

Dr. Tom Glanville of Iowa State University, Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering Department, has evaluated impacts of compost use for erosion & water quality on roadway embankments. Dr. Glanville's work at Iowa State UniversityExit EPA Disclaimer
Texas DOT Compost Story (PDF) (87pp, 6.5 MB)

Dr. Larry Beran partnered with Texas DOT to successfully use manure compost as a soil amendment to reduce roadside runoff and erosion, and increase water quality in the entire watershed.

Minnesota Department of Transporation's (MN DOT) Compost Adventures (PDF) (180 pp, 17 MB)

Mr. Dwayne Stenlund of the MN DOT Erosion Control Engineering Unit, has significant experience using compost for stormwater management and erosion control, as well as developed standards and specifications for this application.

EPAís Compost Based Stormwater BMPs For Construction Sites (PDF) (23 pp, 1001 K)

Mr. Chris Newman of the U.S. EPA Region 5, has worked with various stakeholders groups to increase composting, and its use as a stormwater BMP.

Field & Equipment Demonstration

View: Roadside plots, installed during the summer of 2007, that demonstrate side-by-side compost BMPs along with current erosion control practices.

A full installation demonstration along with equipment and materials displays.

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