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Compost Best Management Practice (BMP) Demonstration Plots

Photo gallery of Compost Best Management Practice (BMP) Demonstration Plots Construction by date:

In conjunction with the Compost Based Stormwater Management Roundtable seven plots were established at the Waukesha County Gravel Pit and Compost Site in Wisconsin, to demonstrate the performance of various stormwater management practices. The plots were designed and built by the Waukesha County's gravel mining contractor and White Oak Farms Premium Organics to demonstrate six different stormwater management treatments, and one control with out any treatments for comparison. These plots will be photographed over several months to illustrate the various erosion control methods used.

Table by Plot Number

Treatment Best Management Practice(s) Used
1 None - Control
2 Compost Blanket
3 Compost Blanket
4 Erosion Control Matting Over Compost Blanket
5 Erosion Matting
6 Soil Stabilizer With Compost Berms
7 Compost Blanket Berms and Socks


The following video displays a view of compost berms, blankets, and socks being installed. Exit EPA Disclaimer

For more information on compost BMPs visit The Office of Water's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) website and search for compost.


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