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Clinton Landfill Administrative Records

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AR No.
1 Application letter to USEPA (PDF) October 19, 2007 (2pp, 57K)
2 Table of Contents (PDF) (11pp, 455K)
3 Executive Summary (PDF) (6pp, 366K)
4 Section 1 (PDF) (18pp, 1MB)
5 Section 2 (PDF) (3pp, 154K)
6 Section 3 (PDF) (17pp, 1MB)
7 Section 4 (PDF) (17pp, 2MB)
8 Section 5 (PDF) (41pp, 3MB)
9 Section 6 (PDF) (21pp, 2MB)
10 Section 7 (PDF) (10pp, 2MB)
11 Section 8 (PDF) (18pp, 1MB)
12 Design Drawings (PDF) (22pp, 5MB)
13 Geologic Drawings (PDF) (21pp, 2MB)
14 Appendix A (PDF) (57pp, 3MB)
15 Appendix B (PDF) (3pp, 243K)
16 Appendix C (PDF) (4pp, 179K)
17 Appendix D (PDF) (226pp, 24MB)
18 Appendix E (PDF) (520pp, 52MB)
19 Appendix F (PDF) (210pp, 12MB)
20 Appendix G (PDF) (424pp, 29MB)
Volume III
21 Appendix H.1 - Summary of Geotechnical Deisgn Parameters. (PDF) (45pp, 2MB)
22 Appendix H.2 - Slope Stability Analysis (PDF) (244pp, 20MB)
23 Appendix H.3 - Foundation and Waste Settlement (PDF) (43pp, 11MB)
24 Appendix H.4 - Bearing Capacity of Landfill Foundation (PDF) (14pp, 1MB)
25 Appendix H.5 - Geocomposite Drainage Net Capacity (PDF) (19pp, 2MB)
26 Appendix H.6 - Previous Geotechnical Analysis for Permitted (PDF) (559pp, 77MB)
Volume IV
27 Appendix I - Leachate Collection System (PDF) (267pp, 21MB)
28 Appendix J - Stormwater Management System (PDF) (194pp, 13MB)
29 Appendix K - Construction Quality Assurance (PDF) (107pp, 6MB)
30 Appendix L - Waste Volume Quantities (PDF) (5pp, 1MB)
31 Appendix M - Permitted Groundwater Monitoring Plan (PDF) (210pp, 31MB)
32 Appendix N - Permitted Groundwater Impact Assessment (PDF) (66pp, 7MB)
33 Appendix O - Operating Plan - Personal Training Program Outline (PDF) (24pp, 829K)
Response to U.S. EPA Preliminary Notice of Deficiency and Subsequent Supplemental Letter
34 Response to Preliminary Notice of Deficiency and Subsequent Supplemental Letter, CLI, (PDF) March 2009 (15pp, 1MB)
35 Response to Preliminary Notice of Deficiency, List of Figures 1 thru 6, CLI, (PDF) March 2009 (8pp, 8MB)
36 Response to Preliminary Notice of Deficiency, Attachments 1 thru 11,CLI, March 2009
  1. Summary of Active Community Water Supply Wells, Water System Details, Illinois State Geological Surveys (PDF) (141pp, 4MB)
  2. PCB Groundwater Model Assessment (PDF) (18pp, 2MB)
  3. Design Drawings (PDF) (6pp, 6MB)
  4. Chemical Waste Unit Operating Plan (PDF) (54pp, 3MB)
  5. CQA Report and Test Liner (PDF) (51pp, 3MB)
  6. Revised Slope Stability Analyses (PDF) (132pp, 18MB)
  7. Leachate Treatment Plant Correspondence (PDF) (2pp, 647K)
  8. USEPA Notification (PDF) (2pp, 2MB)
  9. Pipe Strength Calculations (PDF) (32pp, 4MB)
  10. Macon County Correspondence (PDF) (6pp, 777K)
  11. Use of Multiple Financial Mechanisms (PDF) (18pp, 1MB)
U.S. EPA Review and Work Product Documents
37 DRAFT TSCA disposal approval (PDF) (31pp, 247K)
38 Technical Memo regarding TSCA draft disposal approval, 2-26-10, Clinton LF, draft., with notes, by S. Johnson, EPA, (PDF) (29pp, 235K)
39 Using HELP Model for Designing Geocomposite Drainage Systems in Landfills, Ellithy, G. and Zhao, A., Tenax Corporation, (PDF) (11pp, 38K)
40 Plan to Improve the Planning and Management of Water Supplies in East-Central Illinois, A June 2009, Mahomet Aquifer Consortium, (PDF) (113pp, 2MB)
41 Area Well Location Map, 2-Mile Radius, Feb 25, 2005, PDC Technical Services., (PDF) (1pg, 13MB)
42 Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO) Report, Jan 31, 2011, US EPA, 5pp (PDF) (5pp, 163K)
43 Integrated Compliance Information System NPDES for Clinton Landfill, Inc. Jan 20, 2011, US EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 143K)
44 A Comprehensive Review of Liner Failure, Univ. of Florida, (PDF) (156pp, 1MB)
45 A Geophysical Investigation...of Mahomet...Piatt Co. IL, 2002, Willems, Larson, Pugin and Malone, ISU, ISGS, paper 7-1, GSA Ann. Meeting, Denver, (PDF) (2pp, 79K)
46 A Method for Three-Dimensional Mapping, 1998, Soller, Price, Berg, Kempton, workshop, USGS OFR 98-487, Mapping the Mahomet,(PDF) (9pp, 255K)
47 A Proposed Diachronic Revision of Late Quaternary Time Stratigraphic Classification..., 2000, Karrow, Dreimanis & Barnett, Quat. Res. 54, 1-12 (PDF) (3pp, 116K)
48 Adsorption and Simultaneous Dechlorination of PCBs on....Iron...Reactive Capping...Concept, 2009, Choi, Agarwal, Al-Abed, EST, 43-2-488-493, (PDF) (5pp, 233K)
49 Aerobic and Anerobic Biodegradation of PCBs-A Review, 1990, Classical Reviews in Biotechnology, V.10, issue 3, pages 241-259, (PDF) (9pp, 1MB)
50 Allocation of PCB Sources at a Scrap Metal Yard, 2002, Lowenbach, Am. Bar Assoc. Soc., Sci. & Tech. Comm. Newsletter Archive, V. 3, No. 1,(PDF) (8pp, 148K)
51 An Analysis of Groundwater Use to Aquifer...Yield...Illinois, 2003, Wehrmann, Sinclair, Bryant, ISWS, CR2004-11, (PDF) (34pp, 5MB)
52 Analyzing Why all landfills leak, Rachel's Hazardous Waste News # 116, Feb. 14, 1989, Env. Res. Foundation, (PDF) (3pp 81K)
53 Annotate Image, Oblique, N. View, middle distance, Clinton LF-Mohamet Aquifer Paleotopography, draft, SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 121K)
54 Annotated Image, 2010, Clinton Municipal Wells, Texas Township-Clinton area, draft, SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 156K)
55 Annotated Image, 2010, General Geology of Mohamet showing N. and S. boundaries, DeWitt Co., draft. by SMJ-EPA, (PDF) (1pg,156K)
56 Annotated Image, 2010, Lineament analysis for clay pan integrity, Illinois, draft., SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (1pg,152K)
57 Annotated Image, 2010, N. View, Clinton LF-Proposed flow paths, Roxana Sand Member, geo-strike lines, M. Banner Fm. paths, draft, SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 212K)
58 Annotated Image, 2010, NNW view, simplified Kenny-Mohamet Valley proposed flow traces, NNW view, draft., S. Johnson, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 189K)
59 Annotated Image, 2010, Trace of edge of, Clay Pan 1 overlying Pan 2, Central Ill., draft., SMJ, EPA,(PDF) (1pg, 399K)
60 Annotated Image, 2010, W. view, simplified Kenny-Mohamet V. proposed flow, down-flow view, draft., S. Johnson, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 173K)
61 Annotated Image, CLI Application, Clinton Landfill and proposed general flow path based on Shaw Env. and 2007 ISGS pub., SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 156K)
62 Annotated Image, Clinton LF, close view of cell, geological hydrological features, line of Kenny flow, 100 yr flood elev., slopes, draft., SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 82K)
63 Annotated Image, N. View, Clinton LF #3, CWU and Exploratory Borings, draft., SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 96K)
64 Annotated Image, NW view, Mahomet boundaries, flow traces, Millersville Bedrock High, Clinton LF-Clinton area, draft., SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 262K)
65 Annotated Image, Oblique view, Clinton LF Geological model, clay pans, proposed Peoria Silt water sand, draft., S. Johnson, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 132K)
66 Aquifer Sensitivity Map, Excerpt from CLI Response to NOD, DeWitt Co. Fig 4 of 5, (PDF) (1pg, 734K)
67 Arsenic Geochemistry and Distribution...Mahomet Aquifer, IL, May 2004, Holm, Kelly, Wilson, Roadcap, Talbott, Scott, Ill. State Water Sur., Waste Mgt & Res. Ctr., IDNR, RR-107 (PDF) (4pp, 3MB)
68 Assessing the natural attenuation of organic contaminants in...2001, Journal Cont. Hydrology 53 (199-232), Thornton, Lerner, Banwart, 33pp (PDF) (33pp 411K)
69 Assessment and Recommendations for Improving the Performance of Waste Containment Systems, December 2002, Bonaparte, Daniel, Koerner, EPA-CR-82-1448-01-0, Abs. (PDF) (1100pp, 393K)
70 At Risk Analysis water sands and aquifers, assuming layer cake stratigraphy and flow direction, Clinton LF., Clinton IL, preliminary geological diagram, draft. SMJ, EPA (PDF) (1pg, 38K)
71 Bentofix GSE, Geosynthetic Clay Liners, Resistance to Cation Exchange, TN034, GSE Inc., (PDF) (2pp, 367K)
72 Best Landfill Liner HDPE, RACHEL'S HAZARDOUS WASTE NEWS #117,February 21, 1989, Env. Res. Found., (PDF) (4pp, 81K)
73 Breakout Assessment for L. Radnor Till Sand, potential for intermittent springs, After Clinton LF No_3, 4th q 2006 potentiometric data, draft., SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 212K)
74 cameron iwip data weldon.1, (PDF) (15pp, 46K)
75 cameron iwip data.3.sj, (PDF) (15pp, 47K)
76 cameron wells data 1, sj, (PDF) (60pp, 88K)
77 cameron wells data.2.sj, (PDF) (15pp, 47K)
78 cameron wells data.3, sj, (PDF) (15pp, 51K)
79 Champaign County Environment & Land Use Committee, Minutes, Jan. 14, 2008, (PDF) (11pp, 1MB)
80 Characterization Methods for Fractured Glacial Tills, 2000, R. Haefner, USGS, Ohio J Sci 100 (3-4)73-87, (PDF) (15pp, 2MB)
81 Citation, Findlaw Inc., Illinois Opinions, Filed 2004, ALTERNATE FUELS, INC., Docket No. 96071-Agenda 11-May 2004, Justice Fitzgerald, (PDF) (1pg, 45K)
82 Clay Liners Leak Surprisingly, Rachel's Haz. Waste News #125, Apr. 18, 1989, Env. Res. Found., (PDF) (3pp, 82K)
83 CLI gas extraction, proposed, excerpt from CLI RCRA Subtitle D Application LF #3, (PDF) (1pg, 300K)
84 Clinton Landfill Disposal Permit Mod #7, Log #2009-310-001, Aug. 5, 2009, (PDF) (96pp, 6MB)
85 Clinton Landfill, PCB disposal Risk Communication Statement, manuscript, 10-15-09, draft., S.M. Johnson, (PDF) (8pp, 64K)
86 Clinton LF Repository notice, fax 10-31-2007, R. Welk, PDC, to S. Johnson, U.S. EPA, (PDF) (3pp, 168K)
87 Clinton LF, borehole data, summary table and misc. notes., draft., SMJ, EPA, (PDF)

(1pg, 52K)
88 Clinton LF, hydrostratigraphy, early model, draft notes, SMJ, (PDF) (17pp, 55K)
89 Clinton Water Wells, GIS Image, draft., M. White, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 79K)
90 Clinton wells data master,SMJ, (PDF) (96pp, 139K)
91 Clinton wells data mod master, SMJ, (PDF) (8pp, 61K)
92 Clipping, Clinton Journal, 11-20-2009, Group seeking special aquifer designation, Woods,

(1pg, 115K)
93 Comments and figure showing ground acceleration, Fig. no. 3.7 from unknown USGS ref. dated June 1990, excerpt from Watch Webpage, (PDF) (1pg, 117K)
94 Comparative Risk and Analysis of Assumptions, groundwater modeling, construction comparison of factors of safety, draft., SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (17pp, 2MB)
95 Correspondence attachment re CLI NOD Response, undated, revision to page 3 of 15, (PDF) (1pg, 100K)
96 Correspondence, 4-7-09, Open letter handout, G. Wissmiller, (PDF) (1pg, 57K)
97 Correspondence, 1-8-10, IEPA response to public commenters on CLI LF #3, (PDF) (2pp, 61K)
98 Correspondence, 1-8-10, IEPA to CLI, RCRA Subtitle D IEPA Clinton Landfilll 3, Mod No.9, by S. Nightingale, (PDF) (66pp, 3K)
99 Correspondence, 2-5-08, Mary A. Gade, R.A., USEPA, to U.S. Cong. T.V. Johnson, with original Jan. 15, 2008 letter attachment, (PDF) (6pp, 483K)
100 Correspondence, 4-28-09, G. Wissmiller to U.S. EPA, re: Meeting of April 7, 2009, (PDF) (1pg, 76K)
101 Correspondence, 4-30-09, G. Wissmiller to U.S. EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 50K)
102 Correspondence, 5-12-08, U.S. EPA, to Sen. R. Durbin, by Bharat Mathur. (PDF) (2pp, 172K)
103 Correspondence, 5-12-08, U.S.EPA to U.S. Sen. B. Obama, by Bharat Mathur, Acting RA, USEPA, (PDF) (2pp, 172K)
104 Correspondence, 5-15-09, Dick Koritz to R. Gonzalez, USEPA, DeWitt Co. State's Attorney Office (PDF) (2pp, 48K)
105 Correspondence, 5-15-09, EPA response to G. Wissmiller 4-28-09 (PDF) (76pp, 48K)
106 Correspondence, 5-30-09 , G. Wissmiller to U.S. EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 33K)
107 Correspondence, 5-6-09, G. Wissmiller to U.S. EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 48K)
108 Correspondence, 6-17-08, EPA to ExxonMobile Inc., Approval for Risk-Based Disposal, Exxon-Mobile-Former Lail facility, (PDF) (9pp, 429K)
109 Correspondence, 1-6-09, EPA to CLI, NOD final, (PDF) (3pp, 85K)
110 Correspondence, 8-21-08, Preliminary Notice of Deficiency, U.S. EPA to CLI, (PDF) (2pp, 45K)
111 Correspondence, 8-22-06, SAB to EPA Administrator, with Draft Guidance on...Environmental Models...by EPA Science Advisory Board, Morgan, Theis, (PDF) annotated by SMJ, U.S. EPA, (PDF)

(76pp, 707K)

112 Correspondence, 9-10-08, CLI to EPA, NOD response, request for extension, (PDF) (1pg, 38K)
113 Correspondence, 9-4-09, Congressman Johnson, with attached Recommendation to DeWitt Co., by G. Fred Lee, Anne Jones-Lee, (PDF) (87pp, 2MB)
114 Correspondence, Draft Response to Rep. Johnson, Final, manuscript, S. Johnson, USEPA, (PDF) (2pp, 47K)
115 Correspondence, undated final draft of signed doc., EPA response to PDC request for leachate data, (PDF) (2pp, 47K)
116 Correspondence, undated final draft of signed document, re 5-30-09 letter from George Wissmiller to USEPA, (PDF) (2pp, 52K)
117 Correspondence, undated, FOIA request, G.Wissmiller, (PDF) (1pg, 88K)
118 Correspondence, undated, IEPA Denial Letter #1, (PDF) (5pp, 70K)
119 Correspondence, undated, IEPA Denial letter #2, Clinton #3, (PDF) (4pp, 63K)
120 Correspondence, Congressional, to USEPA, Apr. 18, 2008, (PDF) (1pg, 70K)
121 County of Champaign, ILL, Official Meeting Transcript, January 14, 2008, (PDF) (69pp, 4MB)
122 Deficiencies in Subtitle D Landfill Liner Failure and Groundwater Monitoring, undated web page download, G. Fred Lee, Anne Jones-Lee (PDF) (1pg, 168K)
123 Depth to upper aquifer statewide, Map, excerpt from Keefer, 1995, (PDF) (1pg, 69K)
124 Design and Construction of Liner Sys. 1989, Workman and Keeble IN Sanitary Landfilling-Academic Press, NY, pages 301-309, (PDF) (9pp, 334K)
125 Determination of the Time-of-Travel Capture Zones and...Clinton, Illinois Water Supply Wells, 1996, MS Thesis by M. Greenslate, ISU, (PDF) (86pp, 2MB)
126 Development of an Observation Well Network in the Mohamet..., 2008, Burch, ISWS Data-Case Study 2008-11, 117p.pdf (19pp, 2MB)
127 DeWittMcLeanPiatt coal x-sec, excerpt, from Pub. 473, part of analysis of coal potential under landfill, (PDF) (1pg, 43K)
128 DeWittMcLeanPiatt Geology fig. 7, excerpt from Pub. 473, location map, (PDF) (1pg, 330K)
129 Diffusive Contaminant Transport in Natural Clay, Richard L Johnson, Richard L. Johnson, John A. Cherry and James F. Pankow, Environ. Sci. Technol. 1989, 23, 340-349 (PDF) (1pg, 1MB)
130 Drastic A Standardized System for Evaluating ...Pollution... Potential...June 1987, L. Aller, et al, EPA-600-2-87-035, in part, (PDF) (49pp, 11MB)
131 Durability of HDPE Tisinger and Giroud, 1993, Geotechnical Fabrics Report, Vol. 11, No. 6, pages 4-8 (PDF) (4pp, 617K)
132 Durability-of-HDPE-geomembranes, 2002, R. Kerry Rowe, Henri P.Sangam, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 20 , pages 77–95 (PDF) (2pp, 186K)
133 ECHO database query printout, Enforcement & Compliance History, PDC and CLI Inc., U.S.EPA, (PDF) (15pp, 2MB)
134 Ecological activist...landfill opposition, Sept. 24, 2007, T. Bibo, Journal Star, (PDF) (3pp, 167K)
135 E-mail Correspondence, EPA to CLI, re NOD Extension Request. granted, 9-24-07, (PDF) (1pg, 25K)
136 E-mail Correspondence, SMJ to AMartig, EPA, 7-28-08, Clinton LF Fire issues-comments, (PDF) (2pp, 56K)
137 E-mail Correspondence, USEPA from IEPA, with 3 attachments air photo ground photo google image (PDF) (1pg, 902K)
138 Endangered Species Consultation, 12-12-01 by R. Edwards, Action Report, to IDNR, (PDF) (148pp, 284K)
139 Endangered Species Memorandum, draft to record, 1-7-09, by S. Johnson, USEPA, (PDF) (7pp, 257K)
140 End-moraines of Wisconsin Glaciation, ISGS 8.5x11 map series, (PDF) (1pg, 496K)
141 Engineering Soil Report, DeWitt Co., IL, 1970, Thornburn, Liu, Misiaszek, Eng. Experiment Sta. Bull. 505., (PDF) (122pp, 17MB)
142 Enrichment of Anaerobic Polychlorinatedechlorinators...using iron...2005, J.P. Rysavy et al., Water Research 39 pages 569–578 (PDF) (39pp, 251K)
143 Estimated Potential Yield of Sand and Grav. Aquifers, Illinois, map scale 1-730,000, (PDF) (1pg, 801K)
144 Evaluation of Subsurface Engineered Barriers at Waste Sites, 1998, USEPA OSWER, EPA 542-R-98-005, (PDF) (148pp, 2MB)
145 Evaluation of the Potential for Area Disposal Co....to pollute...water resources, May 7, 2009, G. Fred Lee, Consultant to DeWitt County Board, (PDF) (82pp, 10MB)
146 FEMA 100 Year Flood Rate Map, revised Nov. 2, 2007, Salt Creek, DeWitt Co. Panel 375 of 425, map 17039C0375E, (PDF) (1pg, 18MB)
147 Figures 1-5, excerpt from CLI Inc. 2009 Response to EPA NOD, (PDF) (8pp, 8MB)
148 Findlaw, Illinois Court opinions, 2004 re siting permits, (PDF) (42pp, 217K)
149 Generalized Hydrogeological Illustration, breakout analysis...cross section, Clinton LF., DeWitt Co., IL, draft., SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 134K)
150 Geomechanics, DeWitt Co., IL, Mahomet-Kenney Valley x-section, clay pan stress strain illustrations, 12-21-09, draft., SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 62K)
151 Geostatistical Stratigraphy-X-Section with Histogram of water use, 25 foot, 5-mi. radius, Clinton LF., clay pans, screens and stratigraphy, draft, SMJ, EPA (PDF) (1pg, 227K)
152 Geosynthetic Material, decision matrices...1997, excerpt, Foth & Van Dyke, MLD2-93C049-GBAPP-47161.61-100000, (PDF) (5pp, 2MB)
153 Graphical Display of Historical Groundwater Elevations, CLI LF #3, Application to develop a non-hazardous waste landfill, Feb. 2005, Clinton LF Inc., (PDF) (6pp, 161K)
154 Groundwater Contamination and Sinkhole Collapse...by leaky impoundments..in soluble rock..., 1972, Aley, Williams, Massello, Missouri Geol Sur., Eng. Geol Ser #5, (PDF) (42pp, 11MB)
155 Groundwater Geology of DeWitt, Piatt and N. Macon County, 2003, D. Larson, B. Herzog, T. Larson, ISGS, I 550.8, Environmental Geology. 155, (PDF) (42pp, 4MB)
156 Groundwater Model Use, Clinton LF No. 3, IEPA and CLI groundwater models, analysis and comparison flow chart, 2-24-09, draft., SMJ, (PDF) (2pp, 93K)
157 Guidance on Quality Assurance for Environmental design construction and operation, 2005, EPA Quality Staff, EPA QA-G-11, (PDF) (86pp, 247K)
158 Guidance on Remedial Actions for Superfund Sites with PCB Contamination, 1990, CERCLA PCB Guidance EP-540-G-90-007, (PDF) (152pp, 1MB)
159 Guide To Coal Availability and Resource Development, 2006, from ISGS Ann. Rept, Gustison, Johanek, Finley, ISGS, (PDF) (3pp, 1MB)
160 HDPE Life Expectancy Report, Lab. Testing of Geomembrane for Waste Containment EPA Method 9090, 1995, Whitlock, 101pp.pdf 161 Histogram of water well screen elevations, GIS 3-D models, Clinton area wells, ISWS data, 10' intervals, draft., M. White, U.S. EPA, (PDF) (4pg, 3MB)
161 Histogram of water well screen elevations, GIS 3-D models, Clinton area wells, ISWS data, 10' intervals, draft., M. White, U.S. EPA, (PDF) (4pg, 157K)
162 Histogram of water well screen elevations, undated, for stratigraphic analysis, draft., by M. White, EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 100K)
163 Host County Agreement, Amendment, First, Aug. 24, 2007, DeWitt Co. and Clinton LF, Inc., 107-1266, (PDF) (3pp, 157K)
164 Host County Agreement, Amendment, second, Oct 1, 2008, DeWitt Co. and Clinton LF, Inc., 108-2096, (PDF) (3pp, 123K)
165 Hydrogeologic Diagram, Aquifer Characteristics, 3-23-2010, diagram, SMJ, U.S. EPA, 1 of 4, (PDF) (1pg, 854K)
166 Hydrogeologic Diagram, Hydrologic Particle Tracking, Glasford & Mohamet flow zones, 3-23-2010, draft., SMJ, U.S. EPA, 3 of 4, (PDF) (1pg, 1MB)
167 Hydrogeologic map Clinton LF application, well screen correlations, draft., 2-29-09, by SMJ, U.S.EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 646K)
168 Hydrogeologic Map, Clinton LF application, well screen correlations, modified, 2-29-09, draft., SMJ, U.S. EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 760K)
169 Hydrogeologic Model, Lower Radnor Till Sand, Clinton Landfill 33 fig 812_316_6 (PDF) (6pp, 151K)
170 Hydrogeological Vulnerability U. Radnor Till Sand, using CERCLA TOT-100 test, rough calcs, draft, SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (108pp, 33K)
171 Hydrogeology and Ground-Water Avail., SW McLean and SE Tazwell CO, Part 2 Aquifer Model & final rept., 1998, Wilson, Roadcap, Herzog, Larson, Winstanley, Coop. GW Rept. 19, (PDF) (148pp, 5MB)
172 Hydrogeology Diagram, well locations, discussion re-Mohamet and Clinton LF, 3-23-2010, draft., SMJ, U.S.EPA, p 2 of 4, (PDF) (1pg, 714K)
173 Hydrostratigraphic X-Section, Clinton LF, groundwater sources, protection and monitoring, draft., SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 133K)
174 IEPA approves...waste disposal at Clinton LF, Jan. 8, 2010, K. Barlow, Pantagraph, (PDF) (1pg, 38K)
175 Illinois Community Water Supply Wells, 2006, Wehrmann, Hlinka, Brown, Bryant, ISWS, 1-750,000, Map Series 2006-1, (PDF) (1pg, 4MB)
176 Illinois Groundwater Protection Program, 2006, D. Scott, Director, IEPA, IEPA-BOW-06-001, (PDF) (108pp, 619K)
177 Illinois' Statewide Monitoring Well Network for Pesticides..., 2005, Mehnert, Keefer, ISGS, Wehrmann and Wilson, ISWS, Ray U. of Hawaii, COOP-20,(PDF) (68pp, 5MB)
178 Illinois Surface Topography, undated, Luman, Smith and Goldsmith, ISGS 8.5x11 map series, (PDF) (1pg, 1MB)
179 Infiltration rates through landfill liners, 1998, Murphy and Garwell, U. of S. Florida, report 97-11 Florida Ctr for Solid and Haz. Waste Mgt., (PDF) (106pp, 1MB)
180 Integrity of Clay Pan Studies, potential for cracking of clay pans, 12-15-09, draft. SMJ, U.S.EPA, P 2 of 2, (PDF) (1pg, 1MB)
181 Justice Kennedy's Concurring Opinion in Rapanos Suggests Need for Rulemaking, 2006, Albrecht and Duncan, excerpt from BNA, #150, Aug. 4, ISSN 1521-9402, copyrighted, (PDF) (10pp, 158K)
182 Keeping your Landfill's Arteries Clear, How to prevent crushing and collapse of leachate collection, 2006, MSW Management, Jul-Aug., (PDF) (10pp, 203K)
183 Late Quat. Temporal and Event Class. Great Lakes....1997, W.H. Johnson, et al, Quat. Res. 47, pages 1-12, (PDF) (12pp, 383K)
184 Late Wisconsin Permafrost Conditions....patterned ground, undated Poster, C.L. May, et. al., MSU pub C41A-0057, (PDF) (1pg, 6MB)
185 Leachate Collection Syst's... Achilles Heel.., 1989, Rachels Hazardous Waste News #119, Env. Res. Foundation, (PDF) (3pp, 77K)
186 Leachate Composition and Antioxidant Depletion from HDPE geomembranes, undated manuscript download, Islam & Rowe, Queens Univ., (PDF) (13pp, 1MB)
187 Legal Description of CLI LF, draft, by S.M.Johnson, EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 650K)
188 Limits for Air Contaminants Table Z-1, 5-17-2010, OSHA, 1910.1000, (PDF) (12pp, 1MB)
189 Liners and leachate system of CWU, excerpt from CLI Application 2007, misc figure, (PDF) (1pg, 857K)
190 Liquefaction evidence for strong earthquakes of Holocene and latest Pleistocene ages in...Illinois, 1998, Obermeyer, Engineering Geology, 50 pages 227-254, (PDF) (29pp, 3MB)
191 Long Term performance of contaminant barrier system, 2005, Rowe, Geotechnique, 55 No. 9, 631-678, 47pp.pdf (47pp, 1MB)
192 Mahomet Aquifer of E.-Central Illinois..., The, 2007, Mehnert, ISGS, Wehrmann, ISWS, Mahomet Aquifer Consortium webpage figures, (PDF) (68pp, 5MB)
193 Mahomet Aquifer, A Transboundry Resource, The.., 2003, Larson, Mehnert and Herzog, ISGS, Water International, V. 28, No. 2, pages 170-180, (PDF) (10pp, 1MB)
194 Mahomet Aquifier Clinton LF, CWU, Contaminant Barrier Model, combination of factors of safety assumptions, draft, SMJ, U.S. EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 132)
195 Mahomet Sand Hydrogeology, comparative flow models, draft diag., 12-3-2009, SMJ, USEPA, (PDF) (1pg, 3MB)
196 Model stratigraphic sec., diag. and compilation notes, Clinton LF No. 3, AFTER CLI drilling, Peer Review Journals and USGS I-2669-draft, SMJ, EPA, (PDF) (1pg, 116K)
197 Mohamet Groundwater Flow, e-mail 3-18-2010, S. Johnson, U.S. EPA to G. Roadcap, IWS, (PDF) (1pg, 20K)
198 Monitoring Diagram showing proposed well sites, Clinton LF, 3-23-2010, draft., SMJ, U.S. EPA, 4 of 4, (PDF) (1pg, 1MB)
199 NPDES Permit No. ILR10M818, General Construction Activity, Clinton Landfill, 4-19-10, 12pp.pdf (12pp, 1MB)
200 Origin of Weldon Springs, The, 2001, Panno and Hackley, ISGS OFS 2001-3, (PDF) (24pp, 934K)
201 PCBs in the United States Industrial Use and Environmental Distribution, Task 1, Feb. 25, 1976, by Ofc. of Toxic Substances, EPA 560-6-76-005, (PDF) (37pp, 2MB)
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(2pp, 157K)
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(3pp, 1MB)
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254 Response to KPRG and Associates, Inc Comments Regarding the Chemical Waste Unit at the Clinton Landfill No. 3, Dec 2010, Shaw Environmental, Inc., (PDF) (132pp, 6MB)

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