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Tribal Environmental Program Management (TEPM)

2012 Tribal Environmental Program Management (TEPM) Conference
February 21-23, 2012

EPA Region 5 hosted the annual event for tribal environmental managers, professionals, and EPA staff.

The 2012 conference brought together representatives from 29 tribes, two regional intertribal organizations, 10 EPA regional divisions/offices, three offices from EPA headquarters, as well as two other federal agencies and one state agency.

Agenda (PDF) (12pp, 78KB)

Handouts February 21, 2012

Comparison of 1998 UST Regulation and Proposed UST Regulations (PDF) (8pp, 124KB)

Attachment A (PDF) (2pp, 102KB)

Grants Consistency Issues (PDF) (11pp, 133KB)

Grants Consistency Funding Information (PDF) (17pp, 75KB)

Grants Consistency Tribal Application Checklist (PDF) (5pp, 67KB)

Tribal Budget Narrative Sample (PDF) (4pp, 17KB)

Handouts February 22, 2012

Tribal FERST fact sheet (PDF) (2pp, 182KB)

Water Quality fact sheet (PDF) (2pp, 136KB)

Handouts February 23, 2012

Tribal Indirect Cost Rate Policy (PDF) (5pp, 57KB)

Grants Training (PDF) (11pp, 42KB)

Presentations February 21, 2012


Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee by John Goss (PDF) (49pp, 3.48)

Session I

Track A - The CERCLA Section 108(b) Financial Responsibility Rulemaking by Ben Lesser (PDF) (22pp, 1.65MB)

Track A - The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and Your Right to Know by Gilbert Mears (PDF) (25pp, 3.42MB)

Track B - Household Clean Sweep by Jennifer Falck (PDF) (22pp, 25.54MB)

Track B - Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan by Ho-Chunk Nation (PDF) (17pp, 4.37MB)

Track B - EPA Solid Waste Tribal Peer Match: A Tribal Perspective by Char Spruce (PDF) (11pp, 5.29MB)

Track C - Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe's Full Scale Exercise (PDF) (9pp, 2.17MB)

Track C - Region 5 Homeland Security Planning and Preparation (PDF) (13pp, 885KB)

Session II

Track A - Watershed Planning by Janette March (PDF) (64pp, 885KB)

Session III

Track A - Clean Water Act Permitting of Discharges from Pesticide Applications by Mark Ackerman (PDF) (38pp, 7.85MB)

Track C - Proposed New Federal Requirements for Underground Storage Tanks by Mark Restraino (PDF) (45pp, 18.39MB)

Session IV

Track A - Mining Wastes and the Bevill Exclusion by Todd Ramaly (PDF) (9pp, 2MB)

Track B - The Exchange Network: Business Process Improvement for Better Environmental Management by Zenny Sadlon (PDF) (38pp, 7.36MB)

Track C - A Collaborative Approach: Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning for the Great Lakes Region by Captain Eric Vogelbacher (PDF) (15pp, 1.82MB)

Track C - National Policy for the Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes by Captain Eric Vogelbacher (PDF) (18pp, 7.46MB)

Presentations February 22, 2012


Development of EPA’s New Climate Change Adaptation Plan by Tim Henry (PDF) (27pp, 1.30MB)

ITEP’s Climate Change Trainings & Resources for Tribes by Mehrdad Khatibi (PDF) (11pp, 5.20MB)

EPA's Tribal Portal Tribal Consultation Opportunities Tracking System A One-Stop Resource by David Guest (PDF) (3pp, 1.27MB)

Session V

Track A - Water Quality Standards (WQS) in Ceded Territories (PDF) (14pp, 3.55MB)

Track B- EPA’s Tribal and Indigenous Peoples Environmental Justice Guiding Principles/Policy (PDF) (24pp, 7.24MB)

Session VI

Track A - Integrating Tribal Stream Monitoring Data Sets into Regional Assessment Frameworks (PDF) (39pp, 17.10MB)

Track B - Proposed Federal Plan for Certifying Restricted Use Pesticide Applicators in Indian Country (PDF) (22pp, 5.74MB)

Session VII

Track B - Implementing the Tribal New Source Review (NSR) Rule in Region 5 Indian Country Kaushal Gupta (PDF) (10pp,1.17MB)

Presentations February 23, 2012


Introduction to STORET/WQX Web by Jonathan (PDF) (18pp, 6.04MB)

TEPM Conference Grants Training by Marco Santos Sr (PDF) (51pp, 5.60MB)

Indian Environmental Office
U.S. EPA Region 5
77 West Jackson Blvd (R-19J)
Chicago, IL 60604-3590

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