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Superfund Success Stories in Illinois

City of West Chicago, Illinois

The 11-acre Kerr-McGee (Reed-Keppler Park) Superfund site (PDF) (2 pp, 427K, About PDF) has been incorporated into the 90-acre Reed-Keppler Park, where residents can now enjoy a complex of baseball fields, a skateboard park, a large maintained greenspace, and new family aquatic center.

In Reuse

Circle Smelting (Beckemeyer)

Dupage County Landfill/Blackwell Forest Preserve (Warrenville)

H.O.D. Landfill (Antioch)

Kerr-McGee (Reed-Keppler Park) (West Chicago)

Petersen Sand and Gravel-IGFP (Libertyville)

In Continued Use

Ottawa Township Flat Glass (Naplate)

Cross Brothers Pail Recycling (Pembroke Township)

Map of Illinois

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