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Congressional District # 12


EPA ID# ILSFN0508010
Last Updated: September, 2014

Site Description

In 1902, aluminum production operations began at the North Alcoa site.  The site was formerly the location of Pittsburgh Lake which was filled in by waste and fill associated with the Alcoa production operations.  The largest volume of material at the site is bauxite residue, which is surrounded by gypsum dikes utilized to contain the bauxite at the site.  The bauxite is contained in three large areas, called residue disposal areas (RDA's) located on the northeastern portion of the property.  The plant operated until the late 1950's and by the mid 1960's, most of the production facilities had been demolished and the land sold.  The site is located in an industrial area with active commercial operations occurring on the southern portion of the property.  A recreational area is currently located to the northwest of the site. 

Site Responsibility

This site is a Superfund alternative site with the potentially responsible parties conducting the current work under an RI/FS agreement with Federal and state oversight.

Threats and Contaminants

Site soils are contaminated with inorganic and radionuclide compounds

Cleanup Progress

In December 2001, EPA entered into an administrative order on consent with Alcoa, a PRP for the site, that required the completion of an RI/FS at the site.  The RI/FS is currently underway at the site.  The Agency created operable unit 1 at the site which addresses the majority of the interior of the site. OU2 will address the soils outside of OU1, and groundwater for the entire site. 

The RI/FS for OU1 evaluates the risk and evaluates cleanup options to address the risk.  Alcoa completed focused risk assessments for human health and ecological risk.  Alcoa incorporated those studies into a focused feasibility study report.  A Record of Decision was signed in July 2012 for OU1 which calls for a two foot soil cap over the OU1 area. 

Construction of the OU 1 remedy began in March 2014 and is ongoing.  Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2015.  The OU1 remedy included construction of the cover in an area of a rail line construction project; the third rail. Construction of the cover and the third rail project itself was completed in August 2014 and is currently operational.  A RI/FS for OU 2 is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in 2015. 

Plans for the construction of a solar project on top of the OU1 remedy are currently on hold until legislative issues can be fully resolved.

Community Involvement

The City of East St Louis is a PRP and their staff is intimately familiar with the current site progress and has been communicating the progress through the city council.

Congressional Interest

Congressional involvement at present consists of working with the developer on potential legislation to support the proposed site reuse.

Property Reuse

The Agency and the PRPs are in discussions regarding a potential solar energy redevelopment project.


Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA
dion novak (novak.dion@epa.gov)
(312) 886-4737



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