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RE-Powering Feasibility Study program

National Information

RE-Powering America's Land Siting Renewable Energy on Potentially Contaminated Land and Mine Sites

Brownfields Redevelopment
in Region 5

Region 5 Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

EPA has established a Regional RE-Powering Feasibility Study program to assist local governments or communities that want to evaluate the potential for renewable energy development on contaminated properties.

EPA will provide Feasibility Studies (FS) at a limited number of eligible Brownfield properties in Region 5 at no cost to the local governments and/or communities. These feasibility studies:

RE-Powering Feasibility Studies Protocol

Purpose of Regional Feasibility Study Program

The purpose of this RE-Powering Feasibility Study (FS) program is to provide local governments and/or communities with the assistance to analyze the potential for wind, solar, biomass or small hydro development on potentially contaminated sites. The analysis includes determining the best renewable energy technology for the site, the optimal location for placement of the renewable energy technology on the site, potential energy generating capacity, the return on the investment, and the economic feasibility of the renewable energy projects. With this assistance, the goal is to allow the reuse of sites, strengthen economic development, improve communities, create jobs, develop partnerships, decrease the use of greenspace for siting renewable energy and increase the amount or renewable energy generated in the Region.


Prepare a letter requesting assistance. Your letter must provide the following information:

Submit the application package to the Region 5 Brownfield Renewable Energy Coordinator:

Rosita Clarke (clarke.rosita@epa.gov) 312-886-7251

Rosita Clarke
Brownfields Renewable Energy Coordinator
US EPA Region 5 (SM-7J)
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

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