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Sheboygan River and Harbor Superfund Site

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Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Susan Pastor (pastor.susan@epa.gov)
312-353-1325 or 800-621-8431, ext. 31325

Remedial Project Manager
Pablo Valentin(valentin.pablo@epa.gov)
312-353-2886 or 800-621-8431, ext. 32886

Assistant Regional Counsel
Richard Nagle (nagle.richard@epa.gov)
312-353-8222 or 800-621-8431, ext. 38222


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Mead Public Library
710 North 8th Street
Sheboygan, WI


The Sheboygan River and Harbor site includes the lower 14 miles of the river from the Sheboygan Falls Dam downstream to, and including, the inner harbor. This segment of the river flows through Sheboygan Falls, Kohler and Sheboygan before entering Lake Michigan. The former Tecumseh Product Co. plant in Sheboygan Falls is located on the upper river and is considered the primary source of PCB contamination in river sediment. Soil and surface water is also contaminated with PCBs and heavy metals including arsenic, chromium, copper, lead and zinc.

Cleanup of the upper portion of the Sheboygan River is done. This involved dredging contaminated sediment from the former Tecumseh Products plant in Sheboygan Falls to the Waelderhaus Dam. The sediment was stored in large geotextile "tubes." Water was squeezed out of the tubes and the remaining cleaned sediment was taken to a licensed landfill for proper disposal. Other phases to clean up the middle river, lower river and inner harbor will be done separately. The upper river will be monitored to ensure that the cleanup measures are working.

Cleanup of PCB-contaminated soil, floodplain soil and ground water at the former Tecumseh facility in Sheboygan Falls was finished in 2005. Sources of PCB contamination were identified and controlled. Ground-water PCBs heading toward the river, surface soil and riverbank soil have been cleaned up.

Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) and Community Advisory Group (CAG) are two ways the community can get involved. Learn more about CAGs and TAGs
What are PCBs?

PCBs, polychlorinated biphenyls, are toxic chemicals that were once widely used as industrial coolants, insulators and lubricants. PCBs can concentrate in the environment and the food chain, resulting in health hazards to people, fish and wildlife. Because of these dangers, the U.S. government banned the manufacture of new PCBs in 1976. PCBs still in use are strictly regulated.

PCB Information

EPA's PCB home page
PCBs and your health (WI DHFS) Exit EPA Disclaimer
ATSDR's Toxicological profile for PCBs
ATSDR's Tox FAQs for PCBs

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Site Updates

Great Lakes Legacy Act

The Sheboygan River and Harbor Site and the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation Campmarina Manufactured Gas Plant Site are being cleaned up under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program. The EPA is also using Great Lakes Legacy Act funds to clean up additional areas in the Sheboygan River that are outside the jurisdiction of the Superfund program. The Legacy Act is designed to tackle the problem of “legacy” sediment contamination. At least 35 percent of Legacy Act project costs must come from state, local or private sponsors. At the Sheboygan sites, the non-federal funds are coming from Wisconsin DNR, city of Sheboygan, Sheboygan County and WPSC. Superfund cleanup work may be counted toward the nonfederal cost share for the Legacy Act cleanup.

September 2014

EPA has completed a status review of the cleanup. This type of review is required at least every five years where the cleanup is complete but hazardous waste remains managed on-site. These reviews are done to ensure that the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment.
The review included:

This was the second five-year review for the Sheboygan River and Harbor site.  The report Second Five Year Review (PDF)(107pp., 7.5MB)details the site’s progress. The next review is scheduled for 2019.

News Releases

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Technical Documents

Lower River Remedial Action Plan (RAWP), December 2010

Appendix A Design Figures

Appendix C Dredge Plan

Appendix D Water Management Plan

Appendix E Sediment Management Plan

Appendix F Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Appendix G Lower River Construction Quality Plan

Appendix H Schedule

Lower River Remedial Design (LRRD) Work Plan, June 2009

Other June 2009 documents

Other June 2009 documents pertaining to the Lower River are available:

This June 2009 document pertaining to the Upper and Lower River is also available:

These documents are very large, so rather than post them on this web page, please visit the local site information repository to review them or contact us and we will send you copies on CD/DVD.

Five Year Reviews

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