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Nutting Truck and Caster site

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Cheryl Allen (allen.cheryl@epa.gov)
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Remedial Project Manager
Sheila Sullivan (sullivan.sheila@epa.gov)
312-886-5251 or 800-621-8431, ext. 65251


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EPA Records Center
77 W. Jackson Blvd., 7th floor
Chicago, IL 60604
8 am - 4:30 pm CST M - F


The Nutting Company was formerly located at 1221 Division Street in the city of Faribault, Rice County, Minnesota. Between 1891 and 1984, Nutting manufactured and distributed casters, wheels, hand trucks, and towline trucks at its Faribault plant. The present Nutting Truck and Castor site is an 10-acre site within the city of Fairbault (population of 21,000). Beginning in 1959, the facility disposed of waste materials in a seepage pit in the northwest corner of the site. The wastes included demolition debris, paint sludge, coolant oil, degreaser sludge, paint stripper, plating waste, and rags with paint and xylol. In response to a 1979 Notice of Noncompliance by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), Nutting excavated the seepage pit, backfilled it with clean fill, and capped the area. (more...)

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