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North Shore Gas (NSG) South Plant Former MGP

Site Information
Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Heriberto León (leon.heriberto@epa.gov)
312-886-6163 or 800-621-8431, ext. 66163
9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., weekdays

Remedial Project Manager
Rosauro Del Rosario
312-886-6195 or 800-621-8431, ext. 66195
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., weekdays

Mark Johnson
312-353-9298 or 800-621-8431, ext. 39298


(where to view written records)

Waukegan Public Library
128 N. County St.
Waukegan, Ill.


Type of site

Integrys Energy Group (Integrys), LLC approached EPA in 2007 to address 13 former MGPs in Illinois under EPA’s Superfund Alternative Sites (SAS) program.  The SAS Program takes sites that might otherwise be eligible for the National Priorities List but which will be investigated and cleaned up by a cooperative responsible party, without formally listing the site on the NPL. The South Plant Former MGP site is one of those 13 sites



The NSG South Plant former MGP facility was constructed in 1897 by the Waukegan Pipeline Service Company and purchased by North Shore Gas in 1900. The plant was operational from 1898 to 1946 except for a stoppage from 1927 to 1935, and was razed in 1951.  On-site features included a coal gas condensing building, a purifying building, a generator building and a laboratory. Four tar wells and five storage tanks, three for gas and two for oil, were also located on-site.

Contamination of groundwater at the site includes:

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Site Updates

May 2015

U.S. EPA is recommending a cleanup plan to manage an area of undissolved tar-like liquids called dense non-aqueous phase liquid, or DNAPL. This hazardous material lies beneath the North Shore Gas Former South Plant MGP site. The plan calls for removing DNAPL using recovery wells and treating it off-site. DNAPL is contaminating the underground water at the site.  EPA will make its plan final only after reviewing all comments. The proposed cleanup plan has a comment period from May 6 to June 5, 2015. (Details in box at the top of this page.) The plan may be modified based on new information or public comments; so your opinion is important.

Read the Proposed Plan (PDF) (30pp, 848KB) May 2015

Read the proposed plan fact sheet (PDF) (8pp, 769K) May 2015


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