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H.O.D. Landfill

Site Information
Contact Information
Community Involvement Coordinator
Susan Pastor (pastor.susan@epa.gov)
312-353-1325 or 800-621-8431, ext. 31325

Remedial Project Manager
Karen Mason-Smith
312-886-6150 or 800-621-8431, ext. 66150


(where to view written records)
Antioch Public Library
757 N. Main St. (Route 83)
Antioch, IL 60002


H.O.D. Landfill occupies about 121 acres with about 51 acres used as a landfill. The site is adjacent to a freshwater wetland and Sequoit Creek, a stream that flows into a series of nearby lakes. The landfill portion is divided into the "old landfill" and the "new landfill." Operations began at the "old landfill" in 1963 and at the "new landfill" in 1975.  H.O.D. was closed in 1984, and the entire landfill was covered with clay. The site was placed on the National Priorities List in 1990 due to nearby vinyl chloride-contaminated ground water.

The landfill’s cleanup, which was completed in 2001, included cap improvements, enhanced gas and leachate collection systems, leachate treatment, and ground water monitored natural attenuation. Institutional controls, including deed restrictions, were put in place to regulate the use of the property and ground water.

Construction of an energy system to use the H.O.D. Landfill's gas as a way to produce electricity and heat for the nearby Antioch Community High School began on December 2002. This project's successful design and construction served as a model for other communities interested in using nearby landfill gas as an alternative energy and "green" solution to save taxpayers money and combat global warming. 

In 2005, H.O.D. Landfill was awarded the first Superfund reuse pilot in the nation where cleanup had been completed.  EPA then worked successfully with all stakeholders to update the site’s risk assessment study which showed the cleanup was “protective” for recreational purposes such as sports playing fields.

Site Updates | Technical Documents || Five-Year Reviews | Legal Agreements

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Site Updates

January 2015

EPA is doing a status review of the cleanup. This type of review is required at least every five years where the cleanup is complete but hazardous waste remains managed on-site. These reviews are done to ensure that the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment. This is the third five-year review for the site. Contact the site community involvement coordinator and/or the remedial project manager to provide input on this review process.

The review will include:

A report, which will be available by September 2015, will detail the site's progress.

Antioch Community High School stopped using the landfill gas-to-energy system in 2013 due to its high cost to operate. However, the community continues to benefit from reusing the landfill for tennis courts and soccer, football and baseball fields. Waste Management, the landfill’s owner, also benefits from the frequent mowing of the landfill cap's lawn.

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