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East Bethel Demolition Landfill

Site Information
Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Dave Novak (novak.dave@epa.gov)
312) 886-7478 or 800-621-8431, ext. 67478

Remedial Project Manager
Leah Evison (evison.leah@epa.gov)
520 Lafayette Rd
St. Paul MN 55155


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East Bethel City Hall,
2241 221 Ave


The East Bethel Sanitary Landfill site is located located at the intersections of Hwy 65 and 217th Ave.in East Bethel Township, in north-central Anoka County, about 30 miles north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The 60-acre site includes a 34.7-acre landfill that contains about 1.2 million cubic yards of waste.  Abundant wetlands are present in the general vicinity of the landfill and Neds Lake is located 1,000 feet from the site.  Land use in the area is recreational, agricultural,  commercial, and residential.  Approximately 3,400 people live within a three-mile radius of the site.  About 300 people who use private wells live within one mile of the site. The two closest residences are about 1,500 feet southwest of the landfill. A growing subdivision begins about 2,000 feet southwest of the site.

The landfill operated as an unpermitted solid waste disposal facility from 1969 to 1971. In 1971, the landfill received its first permit and began accepting mixed demolition debris and a small amount of municipal waste.  A limited amount of industrial waste was accepted at the site and placed in a 7-acre area in the southwest corner of the site.  The majority of hazardous waste was accepted between 1969 and 1976.  MPCA files indicate that the equivalent of approximately 4,400 drums of hazardous industrial waste and contaminated soils were buried in the landfill in 1974.  Hazardous industrial wastes reported to have been disposed of at the site include: cleaning solvents, waste inks, caustics and acids, paint, waste oils, thinner, dry cleaning solvents, liquids with "a strong chemical odor," small transformers, and eight-ounce cans of ether.

The site was placed on the Minnesota Permanent List of Priorities (MPL) in October 1984 and on EPA's National Priorities List. The Site is managed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency under its Closed Landfill Program.

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Site Updates

August 2011

The U.S. Environmental ProtectionAgency in in the third five year review for the site.The Superfund law requires regular checkups of sites that have been cleaned up – with waste managed on-site – to make sure the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment.

The site is located adjacent to the Sandhill Crane Natural Area, an area created by the municipality and MPCA suitable for migrating sandhill cranes, offsetting encroaching development in the area.  Native species have been planted on the landfill to augment the crane environment.

Five-Year Reviews

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